Gwen Stefani Plans New Revenge Album About Gavin Rossdale’s Betrayal

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are going through a very messy divorce, and it sounds like things are about to get worse for Rossdale. Radar Online shared that Gwen actually has big plans to make her next album a revenge album. This means things about Rossdale are going to come out that he thought would stay hidden. Maybe he should have thought twice before cheating on Gwen Stefani, who happens to be an amazing songwriter and is about to go all Taylor Swift on him.

A source close to Gwen is speaking out and says that this album is going to reveal a lot. So far, Gwen hasn’t shared exactly what to expect from her next record. The source described Stefani’s new album.

“Gwen’s most raw and best work ever. Some of the songs will include the heartfelt emotions she had over suspicions Gavin had betrayed her with their nanny. Gwen is very excited to perform the songs and has found the process of writing extremely therapeutic.”

It has been revealed that Gwen Stefani has speculated for a while that Gavin Rossdale had something going on with the nanny, but she never had any proof. Now, Rossdale is taking Gwen to court and trying to get half of her fortune, saying that he stayed home raising their three boys so that Stefani could work. The fact that a nanny was around all the time makes this a bit harder to believe. Gwen did fire the nanny after she started to speculate that something inappropriate was going on. This wouldn’t be the first celebrity to cheat on his wife with the nanny.

Gwen Stefani has shared that she has nothing to hide at all when it comes to her writing. She isn’t afraid to be open and share everything going on in her life. The source went on to claim that Gwen Stefani doesn’t care how Gavin feels about her putting this music out. She is done putting his needs before her own, and Gwen is using this music as a form of therapy for herself. The music is important to her, and Gwen doesn’t seem to have plans to hold anything back on her upcoming album. You know that Gavin Rossdale has to be nervous about what she is going to say.

The rumors have been flying that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have a romance going on. Hollywood Life recently shared how it did look like Gwen was flirting with him a bit on a recent episode of The Voice. The two were teasing each other, and Gwen even took her shoe off and threw it at Blake Shelton. If they are in a relationship, Gwen and Blake are avoiding talking about it at this time and aren’t sharing anything with fans. Maybe nothing is going on or they just aren’t ready to tell the world about it yet.

Blake Shelton does love to flirt and have a good time. Gwen Stefani is going through a lot of the same stuff as him at the exact same time. This would make it easy for the two to bond, considering they are also spending so much time together on the set of The Voice. Fans seem very open to the idea of a romance between Gwen and Blake. When Blake split from Miranda Lambert, the world was shocked to hear the news, and they do want him to find love again.

You can watch Gwen Stefani on The Voice on NBC. New episodes are airing on Monday and Tuesday right now. Are you looking forward to hearing Gwen Stefani’s new music based on her marriage that recently fell apart? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Picture Source Araya Diaz/Getty Images, Instagram]