'Need For Speed 2015' Release Date, Beta, Car List, And Everything You Need To Know About EA's Reboot

The Need for Speed 2015 release date is closing in, but not for all gamers. Much like Batman: Arkham Knight, the PC version is being delayed until Spring 2016.

Batman: Arkham Knight had been delayed several times since its release, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Initially planned for late 2014, the console versions had been delayed and ultimately released in June 2015, while PC gamers are still awaiting a re-release of a working port. Electronic Arts' Need for Speed reboot is being delayed on PC for similar reasons.

Neurogadget reports that developer Ghost Games wants to deliver the best experience possible for all platforms, and with the added performance capabilities of the PC, a straight port just isn't enough. Where Arkham Knight didn't even perform on PC to console specifications the first time, Ghost Games doesn't want to make the same mistake.

The Need for Speed beta is being released today, according to Video Gamer, and those who are being sent keys are urged to not post any images or video of the upcoming game online. The beta, which is meant to test the servers before the game launches, will last until Monday, October 5. The official Need for Speed 2015 release date is currently set for November 3 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Ghost Games creative director Craig Sullivan has stated that EA's reboot was given extra time to make it as perfect as possible, says iDigitalTimes.

"We took a year out from Need For Speed because we wanted to listen to what the fans were saying. So they said, 'we want a narrative, we want modified cars, we want driving in an urban environment,' things that maybe have been missing from Need For Speed for a few years.

"We [realized] that to do that justice, we need to take a little bit of extra time. We chose to put in the extra work and effort and take that little bit of extra time and come out this year instead with the definitive Need For Speed game that we think [is] going to keep fans around the world happy."

Going up against the likes of Forza Motorsport 6 and Gran Turismo 7, the Need for Speed 2015 release date is going to need something to make it different. This difference is not just the Need for Speed car list, but what you can do with the selection of over 50 rides.

Everything from the BMW M3 Evolution 2 to the Volvo 242 GT will be customizable when the Need for Speed 2015 release date hits. The plan is to ensure no two cars will be the same, depending on user preferences. Everything from performance parts to the paint job on the spoiler will be changeable, so even if the stats happen to be identical, a pair of Ford Mustang GT 500s side by side will look very different.

This kind of customization hasn't been seen since 2003's Underground, and the Need for Speed 2015 release date is set to bring it back.

Other aspects of the upcoming reboot will include the return of the open-world gameplay that Most Wanted introduced. It is unknown yet if there will be police chases delaying your victory when the race is over, but Electronic Arts has stated that the title will require an internet connection to maintain a community feel. After the backlash they faced when the last Sims did the same thing, it's unknown if this requirement will backfire on them.

Knowing what you know now, are you excited to get your hands on the virtual steering wheel of EA's Need for Speed reboot on its 2015 release date? Will it be worth it for PC gamers to wait until Spring 2016 for their own version?

[Feature image via Games In Trend]