WWE News: Former-WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Removed From Advertised Dates?

There are special WWE superstars that have the ability to capture the WWE audience and never let them go. CM Punk, John Cena, the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Eddie Guerrero all had that innate talent. Right now, the only current-WWE star to be able to do that is Daniel Bryan. During his magical run to WrestleMania 30, Bryan captured the hearts of many as he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Although he achieved his goal, Bryan’s time on top didn’t last very long. An injury forced Bryan out of action and on the sidelines in the WWE. Bryan did end up returning, and he won the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 31. Once again, Bryan was back to where he started. Not too long after that, Bryan received more bad news.

Daniel Bryan Intercontinental Champion

The American Dragon sustained another injury, which forced him to step away from the WWE indefinitely. In just the last few years, Bryan has missed almost an entire year of action. Numerous rumors came out regularly as to when Bryan would return. There were even reports that insinuated Bryan wouldn’t wrestle again.

Fortunately, good news arose about Daniel Bryan’s situation yesterday. According to WrestlingNewsWorld, Bryan was advertised for WWE’s European Tour.

“Daniel Bryan will be returning to WWE for the company’s upcoming tour of Europe, according to the company’s official event listings on their website. Bryan is currently advertised for several of the shows across the pond that will also feature John Cena. He is not, however, advertised for Raw in Manchester, England on the 9th of November or the Smackdown taping the following night.”

“While Bryan continues to say he’s been independently cleared to compete by a neurologist, WWE has still not cleared him. Given that, it’s unlikely these dates are to wrestle and will most likely feature him making non-wrestling appearances.”

While this excitement for Daniel Bryan’s return was paramount, it didn’t last long. Earlier this morning, a report came out that immediately squashed the possibility of Bryan coming back to the WWE ring. WhatCulture is reporting that Kane and Ric Flair are replacing Bryan and John Cena on the European Tour.

“Daniel Bryan is out of action with an injury, but had been expected to go on the European tour in a character capacity. He had originally been on the WWE Belfast advertising, but has now been removed. Kane and Ric Flair are now on the advertising, with Cena and Bryan removed.”

WWE fans want to see Bryan back in action before WrestleMania 32. Obviously, if he could come back right now, that’d be ideal for everybody. However, the current state of his injury isn’t helping his situation at all. Bryan is dealing with a back neck, which for those who watched Edge compete, know that a damaged neck can be a serious hindrance for any wrestler.

WWE Edge On Making A Comeback, Network, Attitude Era

It doesn’t stop at wrestlers, but rather for any athlete. Just like a concussion, any neck injury is serious. This is where Bryan’s recovery and therapy must be top-notch and followed to the letter. It’s quite obvious that he doesn’t have the recovery skills of John Cena, but Bryan has to be on his way back to the WWE ring.

The former-WWE champion is a vital part of the roster. He can aid in bringing up young stars and compete in 5-star matches. There’s still a void due to his absence. Right before Bryan beat Cena for the WWE championship at SummerSlam, Cena called him one of the best in the world. WWE officials have to agree with 15-time champ Cena, and hopefully, Bryan comes back soon.

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