Kansas Governor Prepares His State For A ‘Walking Dead’ Style Zombie Apocalypse

The governor of Kansas appears to be taking The Walking Dead a bit too seriously and has signed an official document to prepare the Sunflower State for a zombie apocalypse.

Zombies, hey! Don’t you just love them! As long as those, flesh-eating, dung-stinking, brain-dead, poorly attired fools stay stumbling safely locked behind the entertaining side of the TV screen, then the walking dead make for mighty fine entertainment.

The only trouble is, the appeal of hit TV shows like The Walking Dead lies mainly with its blood-chilling plausibility.

The premise that most of the world’s population could at the drop of hat, be transformed into hordes of unthinking monsters who can’t walk properly, are incapable of even the most basic hygiene habits, have no idea how to dress, and are governed solely by pure appetite, is not such an imaginative hurdle to overcome. Some would say we’re halfway there already.


With that in mind, Kanas Governor Sam Brownback’s recent decision to sign an official document declaring Kansas as readying itself for an invasion of the walking dead and an imminent zombie apocalypse doesn’t sound so far fetched. It’s still extremely bizarre though.

For a state where it was once against the law to serve ice cream on a cherry pie, a state which boasts a waterslide taller than Niagara Falls, and a state which has the rare distinction of discovering helium, there is now another feather of a strange and distinctive hue to place in its Sunflower coloured cap, and that is “Zombie Preparedness Month.”


You heard it right, “Zombie Preparedness Month.” It has a unique kind of ring to it, doesn’t it? Almost deadly.

Yahoo! reports that Kansas residents are being told to batten down the hatches, gather their wits, and make ready to rumble, as a storm like no other is flying their way – an invasion of the walking dead.

It almost sounds like an elaborate publicity stunt to promote the new series of The Walking Dead, but it isn’t; it’s serious, in a way only the living dead can be.

The reasoning behind “Zombie Preparedness Month” is to protect the great and good of Kansas from natural disaster such as tornadoes and floods, by preparing for an unnatural disaster such as a zombie apocalypse.

Like any good boy scout worth his salt, Governor Walker knows if you fail to prepare then you’ve got to prepare to fail with a capital F.

“If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything.”


Quick to denounce rumours that zombies have already been found wandering aimlessly in Dodge City, Governor Brownback scoffs at suggestions that an actual zombie apocalypse might one day ravage the Sunflower State like a tornado made of reanimated corpses.

“Although an actual zombie apocalypse will never happen, the preparation for such an event is the same as for any disaster: make a disaster kit, have a plan and practice it.”

Let’s not deny it. Pretending to fight off an invasion of the walking dead makes for a jolly good day out, and residents of Kansas, especially students, have been entering into the spirit of things by dressing up as zombies and having a rare old time at the launch of the initiative

Kansas Division of Emergency Management human services officer Devan Tucking explained that preparing to deal with the walking dead was all about having fun.

“This is a fun way to highlight the need to be prepared for whatever comes our way. By coming to our events or going online to participate in our preparedness challenges, people can work toward preparing their families for disasters and emergencies.”


The Federal Emergency Management Agency have revealed that Kansas saw more disasters from 2004 to 2013 than were seen in the last 50 years, and, although a zombie apocalypse was not one of them, urban legend does suggest the Gates of Hell reside hidden in the Stull United Methodist Church in Kansas,

As the Sunflower State’s most famous ambassador, Dorothy, once said, “There’s no place like home.”

(Image Credits: Sascha Steinbach)