Holly Madison Congratulates Bridget Marquardt On Engagement After Spending Day At Disneyland Together

One person who'll probably be at Bridget Marquardt's wedding is Holly Madison. On Thursday, Holly congratulated Bridget on her engagement. The two, along with another friend, spent the day prior hanging out at Disneyland.

On Thursday, Bridget shared the news that she is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend, film director Nick Carpenter. A photo shows Bridget's left hand, held up by one of Nick's hand, sporting a huge ring in the shape of a spider. A banner in the background reads, "Till Death Do Us Part."


Does Bridget really have a spider engagement ring? Bridget later revealed that the spider ring is indeed her engagement ring. She said that it was her choice to not have something traditional like a ring with one big diamond. She explained that it's a diamond-paved spider, a spider that is not a black widow. She added that it's "absolutely perfect" for her. She accompanied her post with a close-up shot of her ring.

"For those asking about my engagement ring💍...@nicholascarpenter wanted to get me something traditional & I wanted something different & unique! It's a diamond paved spider (not a black widow) designed by @lynn_ban & it is absolutely perfect for me!! 😍 he knows me well! 👻🎃"

The way Bridget's fiance shared the news of the engagement was non-traditional as well. He posted a photo of Bridget feeding him beer while they're both in Christmas costumes. He joked that he's already "wifin' her up."


Bridget Marquardt's love for Halloween is well-known. She actually spent Wednesday at Halloween-decked Disneyland with Holly Madison, who is also a Halloween and Disney fan, and another friend. Holly congratulated Bridget on her engagement and attached to her tweet a photo from their day at Disneyland on Wednesday. It's not clear whether Bridget was already engaged during the trio's trip to Disneyland and shared her news in person with her friends.

As Bridget explained, the photo shows the three friends holding poison apple martinis.

Bridget thanked Holly for her message.

While Bridget's current friendship with Holly shows that Holly will likely get an invite to Bridget's wedding, one person who probably won't is Kendra Wilkinson. Despite the three of them being Hugh Hefner's official three girlfriends in the mid to late 2000s and starring on five seasons of the E! reality TV show Girls Next Door together, Kendra is no longer friends with Bridget and Holly.

In an interview with Radar Online in June, Bridget said that she hasn't had any contact with Kendra for years. Bridget clarified that while they didn't have a falling out, they just failed to keep in touch.

"I haven't seen or talked to her in years. It is crazy. We haven't had a falling out or anything. We just haven't talked."
Kendra is also embroiled in a bit of drama with Holly. On last Friday's episode of Kendra's WE tv reality TV show, Kendra On Top, Kendra was shown blasting Holly for writing badly about Hugh Hefner in her memoir Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny. During a radio station interview, Kendra said that Hugh didn't need to give women sedatives for them to have sex with him [Holly claims in her book that Hugh offered her Quaaludes the night they met] and that Kendra isn't taking any responsibility for the choices that she made. Kendra proclaimed that she'll confront Holly, whom she labeled a "b**ch."
"She cannot get away with this. I have to go confront this b***h."
Holly had also portrayed Kendra in a negative light in her book, calling her the "fakest person." A sneak peek for next week's episode shows Kendra reminding a friend that she'll confront Holly. She is then shown calling Hugh to see how he's doing in light of Holly's claims in her memoir.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Holly had no qualms about giving people a spoiler to Kendra's show. Prior to last week's episode airing, Holly revealed that Kendra never confronted her and she had nothing to do with the show, meaning that viewers won't be seeing or hearing her on the show. Holly implied that Kendra's show is hardly reality.

While Kendra Wilkinson has blasted Holly Madison over her memoir, Bridget Marquardt has shown support. During her June Radar Online interview, Bridget said that she was happy for Holly that she wrote the book. Bridget also last week congratulated Holly on her appearance on Oprah Winfrey's Where Are They Now? show, during which she talked about her relationship with Hugh Hefner.

[Photo by Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images]