Jessa Duggar Seewald Promoted Pastor Who Said Sex Is Only For Christians

Jessa Duggar Seewald once promoted the teachings of a pastor who has plenty to say about sex, and now he’s making some comments about coitus that are sure to stir up controversy.

Back in August, Jessa Duggar encouraged her fans to watch a video of Pastor John Piper delivering a sermon about adultery. It was titled “The Passions That Prevent Adultery,” and it was obviously a response to Josh Duggar’s confession that he had been unfaithful to his wife of seven years, Anna Duggar. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jessa shared Piper’s sermon on Facebook along with a not-so-subtle hint that she thought Josh cheated on his wife because he wasn’t Christian enough.

“The gospel convinces us of something irresistibly true, and then transforms our desires for something new,” Jessa Duggar’s Facebook post read. “That conviction and passion keeps us out of bed with someone who’s not our spouse and rejects a thousand other temptations.”

In other words, true believers will find it easier to resist temptation. The sermon Jessa Duggar shared with her Facebook followers didn’t cause much controversy, but John Piper’s latest comments about sex are raising a few eyebrows. According to Rawstory, Piper recently penned a column titled “Sex Belongs to Christians.” In the column, the pastor expressed his belief that sex is “prostituted” whenever non-believers engage in a little hanky-panky.

“Sex belongs to Christians. Because sex belongs to God,” he wrote. “If it is used by those who do not believe and know the truth, it is prostituted. The pleasures of sex are meant for believers. They are designed for their greatest expression by the children of God. He saves His richest gifts for his children.”

“And as we enjoy His gift of sex, we say, by our covenant faithfulness to our spouse, that God is greater than sex. And the pleasures of sex are themselves an overflow of God’s own goodness.”

Piper went on to write that God created sex to help married partners remain faithful to one another and for “the glory of Christ-exalting chastity in singleness.”

Unfortunately for the Duggar family, Josh Duggar wasn’t faithful to his wife, and his alleged sexual encounters with two porn stars resulted in a slew of new negative headlines about the Duggars just as the chatter about the family’s sexual molestation scandal was starting to die down. However, it’s possible that Josh Duggar’s woes actually helped Jill and Jessa Duggar out, and Jessa’s future looks much brighter than it did back when she expressed her disappointment in Josh by sharing John Piper’s sermon about adultery on her Facebook page.

Sometimes any publicity is good publicity, and major media outlets turned their attention back to the Duggar family after Gawker linked Josh Duggar to the huge Ashley Madison hack story that dominated the news cycle back in August. It was announced that Jill and Jessa would be getting their own TLC TV specials shortly after Josh admitted to cheating on his wife and decided to check into rehab. Josh’s actions likely reminded many Duggar fans that he was the bad egg that spoiled the reality show careers of his beloved female siblings — 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled after Josh admitted to sexually molesting Jill and Jessa Duggar when he was a teenager. Many fans thought that it wasn’t fair that two of Josh’s victims lost their lucrative TV gig because of their older brother’s behavior.

Shortly after it was announced that TLC was giving 19 Kids and Counting the axe, Jessa shared a Facebook post celebrating the birth of Josh and Anna Duggar’s fourth child, a little girl named Meredith. The post was flooded with over a thousand comments from fans, and most of the top comments were written by 19 Kids and Counting viewers who just wanted to let Jessa know that they would miss seeing her on TV.

Meredith’s arrival reminded these fans that they probably weren’t going to see Jessa give birth to her baby on TLC, so they surely rejoiced when it was announced that Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are going to star in a special centered on their preparations for the arrival of their first child.

Jessa Duggar has been keeping her fans updated on her pregnancy with baby bump photos (Image credit: Jessa Duggar/Instagram)

Now that Jessa is getting back in front of the TLC cameras, she’s reportedly feeling pretty “joyous.” A source recently told PEOPLE that Jessa hasn’t let the last six months get her down, and she’s looking forward to becoming a mother.

“Jessa is truly feeling so happy, healthy and centered,” the source revealed. “This is really one of the best times of her life. Her love for Ben is really something to see. They adore each other, and it’s clear that they’re soul mates. He treats her like a true queen.”

The first of a series of specials centered on Jill and Jessa Duggar will air later this year on TLC.

[Featured image credit: 19 Kids and Counting/Facebook]