‘Scandal’ Spoilers: The Word Is Out About Olivia And The President

The countdown has started to the second episode of the new season of Scandal on ABC. Creator Shonda Rhimes is keeping us on our toes with twists and turns that will certainly not make it easy for Olivia Pope and Fitz to be together. At the end of last week’s episode, it was revealed on national television that the president was having an affair with Olivia Pope, and that Mellie, the first lady, was being pushed out of the picture.

As the Inquisitr reported, a presidential divorce seems to be on the horizon as Fitz presented Mellie with actual divorce papers, and told her to get out. Then, he threw a state dinner for the monarchy of a foreign country, and did not include the first lady in the details, or with an invitation. Millie went on a tailspin, trying to blame everyone else for her predicament, but at the end of the day, she knew it was her ambition that caused the final fracture of her marriage.


Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the number one suspect for leaking the photos is none other than the first lady, Mellie Grant.

“I think it was Mellie that leaked it,” Guillermo Diaz (Huck) concurs, “Because it’ll make her seem like the wife who has been wronged. People are going to be sympathetic to her and like her a little bit more because they feel bad for her, and look at Olivia [Kerry Washington] like she’s a whore and this horrible mistress.”

Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie, won’t confirm or deny she leaked the photos, but says anything is possible with her character.

“He was gleeful handing me those papers,” Young says. “Regardless of whether of not she’s the leak, that is definitely true — when has Mellie ever let somebody have the last word? That’s never going to happen in a million years.”

But Young told Fashion N Style that her character is on a roller coaster of emotions. Her husband, the president, has just served her with divorce papers, yet she just won a political appointment she has been seeking her whole life.

“I think for Mellie going into season five its sort of the best of times and the worst of times. She’s finally sort of going down the path of her dreams. She’s taking the first steps towards having her own political life. She’s a senator and it’s everything — and spoiler — we do get a senatorial office, which I love very much,” Young said. “But then she’s bereft, because is she the First Lady anymore? She’s been kicked out of the White House and Fitz is… you know, she knows he’s gonna act on his dreams now that he has the space to do so. So that’s soul crushing, but again it just makes for so much fun to play.”

It seems like it is going to take far more than a few kind words for Mellie to get back into the president’s good graces, and if it is discovered that she is the one who leaked the photos to Sally (which were then displayed on television for all to see) then that might be the last straw before her things are dumped out on the White House lawn.

Do you think Mellie is the one that shared the photos of Fitz and Olivia with the press on Scandal?

[Photo courtesy of ABC]