Dawnguard Beta Announced For Xbox 360

If you have a copy of Skyrim on Xbox 360 and having even earlier access to the game’s upcoming Dawnguard expansion sounds exciting to you, Bethesda will be launching a beta for the DLC on the Xbox 360, the developer announced yesterday.

All you need to do to be eligible for entry in the Skyrim: Dawnguard beta is to head over to this link. Before you do so, you’ll need to make an account on the developer’s official forums.

You aren’t guaranteed to get into the Dawnguard beta, of course, but if you’re one of the lucky few to receive the redeemable key, Bethesda says that what you will receive is the actual full version of the expansion, including achievements–meaning you won’t have to purchase it later.

We still don’t know what Skyrim‘s first expansion will be exactly, but Bethesda promises loads of information will come out of E3 next week. Dawnguard will be debuted first on GameTrailers TV on Tuesday, with another showing to G4 later that day.

Skyrim‘s Dawnguard expansion will arrive first on the Xbox 360 at some point this summer, with a release on PC and PlayStation 3 expected one month later. A date for the beta hasn’t been released yet.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Dawnguard is all about next week?