October 1, 2015
Fifth Harmony Diss Donald Trump, Clarify Breakup Rumors

The women of Fifth Harmony have their second full length album in the works, along with a future sure to win them even more fans. Fifth Harmony has also witnessed One Direction, a group also descended from The X Factor, falling apart. But the outspoken females of Fifth Harmony would have nothing of it, and as their latest interview tells, they would have nothing of Donald Trump as their president, either.

Fifth Harmony had a lot to say about Trump. They took issue with his stance on immigration and his view on Latino immigrants. As Republican presidential contenders battle for dominance, the women of Fifth Harmony want to make their stance clear. Three of Fifth Harmony's five members are Latinas. They took the interview as an opportunity to send a message to Trump.

Fifth Harmony Camila Cabello Cuban Mexican
Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello has both Cuban and Mexican heritage. She told Latina her thoughts on Trump.

"As an immigrant myself, to have someone say such disgusting things about my people—my dad who came from Mexico, my mom who worked at Marshall's before she became an architect, and me pursuing my singing dreams—it's terrible! It's these kids who are going to find the cure for cancer. You're destroying potential in a people."

Another member of Fifth Harmony, Normani Hamilton, survived Hurricane Katrina. She was living in New Orleans during the disaster, but she quickly moved with her family to Houston, Texas, which is where she found the X Factor audition opportunity that would eventually lead to her joining Fifth Harmony. She isn't of Latina descent, but she also had harsh words for Trump during the Latina interview.

Fifth Direction Singer Normani Hamilton
Normani Hamilton

"I've been doing my research, and I came across an article on Twitter quoting some of the things Donald Trump has said. His main issue that he speaks on is immigration. That really scares me — to think that he could be my future president, and have power of my life, my parents, my friends. For him to be president would be a step backward."

Cabello has been a long time fan of One Direction, and meeting them was a dream come true for her. But watching their drama made her realize the strain placed on groups in the same situation, a group formed by industry people and not one that grew up together or came together naturally. She expressed how a diverse group like Fifth Harmony also has members with their own musical aims and aspirations, and that they need some creative freedom in order to thrive.

This was the same sort of freedom Zayn Malik was seeking when he broke off from One Direction, and it is likely what the other members of the group have thought about as they've matured in their careers. But representatives informed Billboard that Fifth Harmony will not break up any time in the near future, as they focus on recording the new album.

Fifth Harmony's hot single "Worth It" remains on the Billboard music charts, even seven months after its release. Fifth Harmony looks forward to more success with the new album. Fifth Harmony inspires fans with their music, and their views on women and pride in their heritage. Few concrete details have been released about the new album, but Fifth Harmony released a song in August for the soundtrack of Hotel Transylvania 2 titled "I'm In Love With a Monster."

Next, Fifth Harmony heads to the Bahamas for a show on Paradise Island, before they go on tour in Europe. They'll play six shows there from the end of October to the beginning of November. For Fifth Harmony, life is just tour, record, and more tour.

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