October 1, 2015
Larry Hernandez Faces Charges, Had A Man 'Wrapped In Clear Plastic Wrap And Beaten'

Mexican singer Larry Hernandez is currently facing charges in South Carolina that include kidnapping, assault, and assault with battery.

On Wednesday, September 30, Hernandez went before a California judge in a brief, five minute meeting to sign papers for his voluntarily extradition. Hernandez will face the charges, which he called "lies" in a recent interview, brought against him.

As reported by the San Bernadino Sun, Larry relinquished his rights to a trial in California. His lawyer told reporters that they are ready to dispute the charges when they go to trial in South Carolina.

According to Billboard, Larry is being held in Southern California without bail in the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga. The father of Hernandez made a statement to the cameras outside of the courtroom, announcing that Larry is innocent and did not commit the crimes that he is going on trial for.

"Thanks for the support. My son is not guilty of anything. You'll see. He'll be set free."
Larry Hernandez: kidnap and assault charges
Larry Hernandez voluntary extradition to South Caroline to face charges for kidnap and assault

The charges that Hernandez is facing comes from an incident that occurred after a concert that Larry performed at in Newberry, South Carolina, on August 16.

La Opinion, reported that Hernandez was angry with the concert promoter after the man did not pay Larry the entire amount of profit that the concert promoter had originally promised him. Hernandez allegedly kidnapped the man and violently attacked him. After he was able to get away from Larry, the man went straight to the Newberry police and filed a report against the singer.

The concert promoter told the Newberry police his story and about the crime Hernandez had committed against him. According to reports, the kidnap and beating took place at a skating rink after the concert. Allegedly, Hernandez had the man "wrapped in clear plastic wrap and beaten." Hernandez was not alone, however. The concert promoter said that the singer had an accomplice help him. When the man identified Larry as one of the perpetrators, the case was given to the 8th Solicitor's Circuit by the Newberry Police Department. Hernandez was charged with kidnapping and third-degree assault and battery, along with a man named Jesus Ivan Solis, who was identified as his associate in the violent attack.

Larry Hernandez: assault charges in South Caroline
Larry Hernandez faces kidnapping and assault charges

Though the attack took place in mid-August, Larry was not arrested until over a month later, on September 25, on an outstanding fugitive warrant for his arrest. Hernandez was detained at an airport after the Denver Police Department contacted the Los Angeles Police Department with the information that Larry had booked a flight leaving Denver, Colorado, and was heading to Ontario, California. When Hernandez arrived at the airport in California, he was arrested by Los Angeles police and held without bail for crossing state lines with a fugitive warrant out for him.

Solis, the accomplice of Hernandez, was arrested by the Colorado police department.

Hernandez is a regional Mexican star that is loved and recognized by many. Larrymania, the reality TV show Larry stars in, is NBCUniversal's highest-rated original series. Hernandez stays close with his many fans through Twitter. After his recent arrest, Larry received support via the social media site from his followers. Pepe Garza tweeted, "Good luck my friend." Garza is the program director of La Que Buena, a Los Angeles radio station.

Hernandez performs music that has gained popularity with the drug cartels and drug lords. The music Larry performs is known as narco-corridos, which translates into "drug ballads." These ballads tell the stories of real incidents, dates, and people.

According to the report by La Opinion, is unclear the time or date that Larry Hernandez is set to be extradited.

[Photos Courtesy of John Parra, David Becker, & Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images]