George Clooney: On Being In Bed With Cindy Crawford, Wedding Anniversaries, And Baby Rumors

George Clooney and his friends may all be hitched these days, but they seem to still be able to have, and handle, some wild nights. Clooney, who recently celebrated his first wedding anniversary with Amal Clooney, shared with Extra about a lively night he and pal Cindy Crawford enjoyed that resulted in the former supermodel climbing into bed with with the Oceans Thirteen star.

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 01: Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford and George Clooney attend the Casamingos Tequila & Cindy Crawford book launch party at The Beaumont Hotel on October 1, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

Clooney, who now heads a Tequila brand along with Crawford’s husband, Rande Gerber, confessed to having a “cocktail-fueled night,” as ABC recounts, which lead to the hilarious mix-up. Clooney jokingly reflected about the incident.

“She’s only human, let’s face it. She can’t help herself! We had a couple of drinks and then couldn’t go home. [It was] one of the funnier drunken nights. She thought I was Rande [Gerber] and I was wearing my boots and my jeans — that’s how drunk I was, I think — and she hopped in bed. That was pretty funny.”

The star, as mentioned, has a reason to be celebrating along with his lovely human rights lawyer wife Amal. The two have reached the one-year milestone and even though their relationship and marriage have been the subject of speculation and controversy over the past year, George and Amal have demonstrated just how true their love for one another is.

The pair is obviously smitten with each other, yet Clooney makes it known that for his and Amal’s first anniversary he is not going all out seeing as the heartthrob knows that he needs to keep upping his game yearly. ABC relays George’s words in regards to their celebration plans.

“‘I had to start off by (going to) a Jerry Weintraub event… and then afterwards she and I got to sneak out and have a dinner. What are you gonna do, shoot off fireworks? You know, sometimes you just go to dinner. This is the paper anniversary. You don’t want to go too crazy on the first [because] you’ve got a lot more to do.”

As the Daily Mail adds, Clooney also explained during the Extra interview that he did not even buy Amal a gift for the big event. Instead, the Clooneys enjoyed a screening of one of George’s cult classic roles from earlier days.

“We had our first-year anniversary two nights ago,” Clooney said while at a screening of his cult film O Brother, Where Art Thou? at the New York Film Festival on Tuesday.

Amal and George wed on September 27, 2014, in an extravagant and lavish ceremony. The pair has quickly become one of the “it” couples in Hollywood seeing as few ever believed George would settle and change his bachelor ways. In addition, Amal is not only a stunner and an on-point fashionista, the woman has got brains to match and represents some of the most high-profile clients as a human rights defense barrister, as well. Amal has won the respect of Clooney fans internationally, yet is keen to remain out of the celebrity spotlight, for the most part.

TOKYO, JAPAN - MAY 25: Lawyer Amal Clooney (R) and actor George Clooney (L) attends the Tokyo premiere of "Tomorrowland" at Roppongi Hills on May 25, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images)

The couple is also rumored to be ready to try for a baby. OK! Magazine relays the news about the pair’s plans. Although 54-year-old George and 37-year-old Amal prefer to have their children the natural way, a source shares reasons as to why the Clooneys are keeping IVF in mind.

“First off, George is in his mid-50s, which means the volume, mobility and structure of his sperm will have declined from his prime baby-making years. If need be, they’ll consider outside help, such as IVF. They’ll do anything it takes to have a baby — and soon!”

Watch George Clooney discuss his first anniversary celebration with Extra

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