WWE News: Becky Lynch Talks Failing Gym Class, Who She Thinks Is The Best Wrestler In The World

Leave it to Sam Roberts to land some of the most intriguing guests of the squared circle, including talent from industry behemoth WWE. Becky Lynch, one of the key players in WWE's Divas Revolution, was the featured guest on the most recent episode of The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast (Episode SRW 049). On the show, she discussed her interesting path to a career in the squared circle and shared her feelings on moving from NXT to the main roster for WWE.

The Irish-born grappler explained that she wasn't always on course for a full-time career in wrestling, noting that she was far from being an athletic prodigy in high school. In fact, she even failed her physical education course at one point.

"I failed P.E. My P.E. Teacher brought my mother in and she was in tears because I was such a bad student... I was shy. I was too embarrassed to run... I'd stand there with a hockey stick and just not do anything."

Becky Lynch in action on Monday Night Raw
Becky Lynch in action on Monday Night Raw

Still a long way off from WWE, Becky Lynch talked about training under Fergal Devitt after a conversation with her brother about getting into the wrestling business. Devitt — who now competes in WWE NXT as Finn Balor — opened a wrestling school near Lynch, and she described the initial setup as a bare floor with just six blue mats and no ring. As business picked up, the training facility eventually got its own ring. Becky noted that she was the only female in the group at first, describing her opportunity to work with Finn Balor during her formative time in the business with great enthusiasm. She still holds Balor in extremely high regard to this day.

"Personally, I consider him to be the best wrestler in the world," Becky said of her former trainer and WWE NXT colleague Finn Balor. "He is also one of my dearest friends as well, so it's just awesome to have him around... I'm so happy for him, being the NXT champ and where he's going to go... to the moon and back."

Becky Lynch also mentioned the variety of jobs she held before ultimately deciding to take a shot at WWE NXT, sharing that she has worked as a personal trainer, a bartender, an English teacher, and as a flight attendant. She also traveled extensively in Europe and Asia before moving to the United States. Prior to her WWE tryout, she also attended a clown college and worked as a stunt woman.

Becky Lynch with her Team PCB allies, Paige and Charlotte
Becky Lynch with her Team PCB allies, Paige and Charlotte

The Divas Revolution is a major facet in present-day WWE, and as part of that angle, Becky Lynch is currently cast with Paige and Charlotte as "Team PCB." While many fans had high hopes for the new infusion of talent into WWE's women's division, the Divas Revolution has a fair share of vocal critics. As previously noted by the Inquisitr, WWE Hall of Famer Greg "The Hammer" Valentine blasted women's wrestling over the summer, saying that if he was in charge, he would fire all female grapplers and send them to work at a strip club. Another Hall of Famer, Alundra Blayze (a.k.a. Madusa), roundly criticized many of WWE's Divas in a surprising rant on Instagram, reserving a bit of praise for Becky Lynch. WWE will have a modest amount of material to work with if Blayze ever sets foot in one of the company's rings again, as it's a safe bet that a formidable contingent of the women's locker room will want a piece of her.

As for Lynch, by all appearances she is happy to stay out of the politics and squabbles behind the curtain for the foreseeable future. After traveling a long and winding road for her to get to WWE, Becky Lynch is surely enjoying her time in the spotlight.

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