Kym Marsh And Matt Baker: They Are Officially Together Despite Their Rumored Baggage

Kym Marsh and Matt Baker are romancing each other, again. The Coronation Street actress and physical trainer had a short relationship in 2013. The two had supposedly moved on to more lasting relationships. However, according to an exclusive interview with OK! Magazine, Marsh came clean to the world that she and Baker were back together.

Marsh with Corrie Girls

Despite the 13 year gap between the older Marsh and the younger Baker, the actress claims that the are not that far apart as to what each wants out of life.

“We are taking things slowly and just seeing how it goes. I know there’s a 13-year age gap but I’ve got to say, Matthew – which is what I call him – may be younger but he’s actually more mature than me, so the age gap isn’t a problem.

Matt’s a very good influence on me and vice versa, and we care about each other a lot.”

As happy as some may be for the two, others may be quick to question their commitment to a relationship. Those who take this stand point to where the two were before they rekindled their fire for one another. If some of the rumors are true, it may be an uphill battle for some to believe this relationship can last.

Not long after the rumors began that Marsh and Baker were together, Baker’s ex-girlfriend, Danni Ballard, claimed that Baker had split knowing that she was pregnant with his child. Baker came out and denied that he was the father of the child. He did go as far to say that if he was, he would honor his position, as reported by the Mirror.

“After ending our relationship I was then told at a later time by Danielle Ballard that she was pregnant with my child. I have since been told by Ms Ballard that I am not the father. Upon finding out otherwise I will honour my position as a parent.”

In the same statement, Baker told the world that the breakup with Ballard and himself had nothing to do with Kym Marsh.

“I can categorically state that breakdown of the relationship of myself and Danielle Ballard had nothing to do with Kym Marsh.”

Kym Marsh is not without her share of controversy on this either. Just a few months ago, she was engaged to be married to her personal trainer, Dan Hooper. In late May, Marsh announced that the two had mutually decided to break things off.

“I was hoping things would sort themselves out but for one reason or another it doesn’t feel like we can fix things or get back on track so we’ve decided to go our separate ways.”

Rumors began in August that Marsh and Baker had been seeing each other. Marsh denied that the two were an item. She claimed they were just working out together.

“Matt’s a lovely guy and we both enjoy hanging out together, we’re both single and we share the same friends and he’s cheered me up. Yes, we’ve spent a little more time socially together over the past few weeks but there’s nothing more to it at the moment.

I’m single and I intend to stay that way for the foreseeable future.”

It is unclear what happened in the meantime to make Marsh backtrack on her words, but that hasn’t stopped her from facing the wrath of Baker’s ex. Danni Ballard approached the couple on a shopping outing, and words were exchanged. Baker spoke about the incident.

Marsh and Polly

“Danielle behaved highly inappropriately last weekend in a shopping centre, ranting and raving at Kym and Matt in front of Kym’s four-year-old daughter Polly.”

What do you think of the second try for Kym Marsh and Matt Baker? Does the relationship stand a chance?

[Photo by Getty Images / Richard Stonehouse]