WWE Rumors: Main Event Star Taking Extended Time Off After 'Hell In A Cell'

WWE is preparing for a huge Pay-Per-View event with Hell In A Cell, and it's set to take place in a little more than three weeks. A huge main event has already been announced, and a number of other big matches are rumored, but one main event star appears to be absent and nowhere to be seen. The United States champion himself, John Cena, does not have a match on the card, and it's now being said he will take time off after the PPV.

It was teased last week that John Cena's next feud would be revealed on Monday Night RAW, when he was likely to start the U.S. Title Open Challenge again. He did start it again, and it was answered by Xavier Woods, but all that happened was advancement on the feud between The New Day and the Dudley Boyz.

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One would have thought that Cena's next long-term feud would begin on RAW, but that didn't happen at all. Hell In A Cell is on October 25, and that gives WWE just a little over three weeks to prepare things and have programs in place.

WrestleZone is reporting that it appears as if Cena could be taking some extended time off after the PPV in late October. He isn't being advertised for the Monday Night RAW on the night after the big event or even for the shows on November 2, November 16, and November 23.

UPDATE: John Cena has since been removed from more live events and is no longer being promoted for the European tour either. He is no longer advertised for anything in November.

Adding a little more fuel to the Cena fire is that he's also not advertised for any WWE Live events after the Halloween weekend. He is being advertised by WWE.com for the company's European tour that begins on November 4 and runs through November 14.

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John Cena is primarily featured for Hell In A Cell even though he doesn't yet have a match on the card, but a lot can change in three weeks. The thing is, if WWE does give him a match at the PPV and then he is taking time off, what will happen to the other person in the feud?

Then again, what will also happen to the United States Title if Cena is gone from the ring for most of a month?

One rumor swirling is that the events in the Total Divas season finale would lead to a feud between Dolph Ziggler and John Cena. If this ends up happening, it could lead to Cena dropping the title to Ziggler (maybe at Hell In A Cell), and then taking time off.

On another note though, this past Monday on RAW, Ziggler got involved in the feud between Kevin Owens and Ryback while including Rusev, as well. This could end up leading to an Intercontinental Title four-way match between those superstars at Hell In A Cell.

There is no mistake that John Cena works a lot of dates and is deserving of time off. It's just rather odd timing considering the big PPV in October and then Survivor Series taking place on November 22. As of now, WWE doesn't list Cena as appearing at that event, either.

Yes, it's still far too early, and the appearing superstars for Survivor Series will be added to and changed, but John Cena is always one of those seen as a "given." Not seeing him listed on one of the biggest PPVs of the year is strange in itself.

Hell In A Cell is looking like it will end up being a pretty great event, even if John Cena isn't on the card. If he is getting a match, one would think that by this upcoming Monday, something is going to get started and last through the month until he takes some time off and to rest.

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