October 1, 2015
Blake Shelton Trashes Tabloids For Posting Everything He Says

Blake Shelton is constantly in the tabloids for something. The cheating rumors started way before Blake actually split from his now ex-wife, Miranda Lambert. Now everyone is looking to see who Shelton is dating and how things are going for him since his divorce.

Of course, Blake's drinking is also a big topic of conversation. Taste of Country is now sharing that Blake actually trashed the tabloids for posting every single thing he has to say at his recent party for his five No. 1 hits. The party was packed and held at Midtown's Losers Bar in Nashville.

Shelton started to speak to the crowd and then ended up getting a bit distracted by the traveling bar. Of course, he wanted it to stop so he could grab a drink really fast. Blake spoke out about the tabloids and also a couple of people who he felt like needed recognition that day as well.

"I'm just gonna make this really quick because everything I say is going to end up in the tabloids and it doesn't even matter what I say, it will. I didn't hear two names I felt like we left out today, and one is Gwen Sebastian, who is my duet partner on 'My Eyes,' and the other is Ashley Monroe, who is my duet partner on 'Lonely Tonight.'"

After that, Blake Shelton talked about how the amazing songwriters helped him to get him where he is at today. Shelton was very thankful to all of them for what they have done for his career. Blake seems to be handling things really well since his big divorce from Miranda Lambert. Shelton has lost weight, is back on The Voice as a coach and of course just celebrated at a big No. 1 party for having 5 songs hit the top of the charts.

At least Blake Shelton realizes how things are right now for him. Everyone is watching his every single move, especially since his divorce. Fans love Blake and wish him the best, but they don't want to miss out on any of the details of Shelton's life. The tabloids are going to share everything Blake Shelton has to say no matter what he is talking about or doing. Shelton will probably never be able to escape that part of the job.

Blake Shelton

The rumors have been flying that Blake Shelton is finding love with Gwen Stefani as the two bond over their divorce on The Voice. So far, they are both staying quiet about it. Blake did thank a Gwen at his big party this week, but it wasn't the same one. If Blake is dating, then he isn't sharing who the new lady in his life is now.

CNN recently shared that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert may have split, but that doesn't mean the two hate each other. These two are in a good place, according to Blake. He spoke out recently giving an update on their relationship.

"Our whole thing was, you know, we're just going to be cool about this. It is what it is. We're buddies."

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton did not have any children, and they were smart and had a prenup. Their entire divorce was done in just a few days. It does look like Blake and Miranda are both moving on fine since the split, but they aren't sharing if love is on their brain. Eventually, they will both move on to someone new, though.

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[Photo Source Jason Davis/Getty Images, Instagram]