October 1, 2015
Anna Duggar Looking Forward To Spousal Visit With Josh Following Brief Phone Call With Husband

Josh Duggar was thrust into the media spotlight once again when he admitted to having a paid Ashley Madison account and a pornography addiction. The former Duggar golden boy also allegedly had sexual relations with a porn star while his wife Anna was pregnant with their daughter Meredith. The revelations followed the release of a bombshell police report that indicated the oldest Duggar son had molested numerous young girls as a teen, including his own sisters. With so many "mistakes", as the Duggar family has called them, Josh entered a rehabilitation facility to treat his sex addiction problems.

Meanwhile, his wife, Anna Duggar, was left to care for the couple's four children, including their newborn daughter. Despite her plight, Anna seems excited about an upcoming spousal visit with her husband after briefly speaking with him on the telephone.

Josh Duggar
Josh and Anna Duggar during happier times. (Image Credit: Facebook)

The International Business Times reports that Josh Duggar is likely attending rehab at Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, Illinois. The Christian-based facility focuses on treating "addictions," but many are skeptical that Josh will receive the help he needs, as the program seems similar to one he attended as a teen following molestation claims. The report states that as Josh undergoes treatment of his own, Anna Duggar also received counseling of her own.

Did Anna Duggar Leave Her Kids In Arkansas And Go To Florida?
Josh and Anna with newborn daughter Meredith Duggar.

However, the counseling that Anna received left her feeling "pretty angry," as she felt the blame for Josh's behavior was being passed to her inability to be a good wife. According to IBT, a source close to Anna says the counseling was provided by a pastor who is friends with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Anna allegedly felt "pretty angry" and "torn up" following the counseling after the pastor suggested Josh's behavior was her fault and that there were certain needs she needed to cater to for her husband.

Despite her failed counseling, Anna is "hopeful" that Josh will receive the help he needs in his current rehabilitation center. According to In Touch Weekly, Anna Duggar is looking forward to an upcoming spousal visitation with Josh, as she currently feels like a "single mom." The source for the magazine claims that Anna is struggling with coming to terms with the infidelity of her husband of seven years, and that her life has been a "living hell."

Anna Duggar appearing stressed at Amy Duggar's wedding.
Anna Duggar appearing stressed at Amy Duggar's wedding.

Though she is currently struggling with the betrayal, the source also noted that she was "happy" to hear Josh's voice in the one and only phone call she has had with her husband since he entered rehab. The "brief" phone call contents were not discussed; however, the source says she did seem happy to hear his voice and is looking forward to an upcoming spousal visitation.

"He called her. It was a brief call but she was happy to hear his voice. She's looking forward to seeing him in a month or two when the first spousal visitation is allowed."

Anna Duggar is allegedly now living with her parents in Florida as the Duggar family takes care of her young children back in Arkansas. Some say that the Keller family is staging an intervention in an attempt to have Anna divorce Josh, however, others says she is receiving some time away to reflect and receive counseling.

Regardless of her current location, it seems that Anna currently has no plans to divorce as she eagerly awaits a visitation with her troubled husband in the coming months.

What do you think about Anna's reaction to her husband's infidelity? Are you surprised that she is looking forward to a spousal visit with her unfaithful husband?

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