Kourtney Kardashian’s Son In Therapy To Handle Scott’s Neglect

Kourtney Kardashian was heartbroken when she learned that Scott Disick had cheated on her with another woman. As fans saw in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians trailer, Kourtney was crying over the betrayal. That scene was filmed a few months ago, and Kardashian has tried to move on without him. She is currently taking care of all of their children, including their youngest son, Reign. Sadly, Scott seems to be missing a lot in regards to his children.

But Kourtney Kardashian has allowed him to see his children a few times since they split, and he recently took them out to a bookstore in Los Angeles. Apparently, he was antsy, and he kept telling his children to pick something and hurry up so they could leave. Clearly, Disick isn’t as involved in his kids’ lives as he once was. And that is taking a toll on his oldest son, Mason.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kourtney Kardashian wants the best for her children, but she is a nervous wreck every time she drops her kids off to see their father. Apparently, Kourtney calls to check in on her sons, and she doesn’t want to anger him simply because she doesn’t know what he could do.

Scott Disick
At the moment, Disick sees Mason and Penelope on the weekends, where they can hang out until 8 p.m. Then, the kids have to be home so they can go to bed. No word on how Disick feels about this ultimatum, but he does take them out to the movies and out for lunch. But sources say that he is still neglecting them.

“Scott barely pays attention to the kids when he has them,” a source has revealed, adding, “He just gives them whatever they want to keep them occupied so they’re not crying.”

But when Mason comes home to his family, he tells Kourtney of how he is feeling. And the things he says is making Kardashian nervous. So she has supposedly put him in therapy to help him deal with his father’s behavior. Of course, Mason is old enough to understand that his parents are no longer together.

Kourtney Kardashian children
“Mason tells her when Daddy acts ‘mad, sad or weird,'” the source reveals, adding, “Kourtney knows it’s important that her kids see their father, but it breaks her heart to think they’ll remember Scott like this.”

Of course, Scott has been acting out for years. Kardashian has forgiven him several times, including when he got violent in Miami, broke things in the apartment they shared, and when he was rumored to be cheating on Kourtney. Even last year when Scott suddenly lost his parents, he acted out by drinking and partying — something Kourtney didn’t want to see. But Kardashian took him back. And now that he isn’t coming home, Kourtney’s son Mason doesn’t understand.

“Mason is very close to his dad and keeps asking why he isn’t living with them anymore. He was an only child for two years, and Scott was around a lot more for him,” a source has revealed, according to Fashion & Style, adding, “A therapist can explain things to him to help him learn to express himself. [Scott’s] barely been there since Reign was born and Penelope has always been very close to Kourtney.”

Apparently, the therapy is working, and she is seeing some positive results in him. It will be interesting to see what led to the relationship’s downfall and how things have unfolded since then. The emotional scene will air later this year on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

What do you think of Kourtney Kardashian putting her son in therapy to deal with Scott?

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