October 1, 2015
Bravo Star Brooks Ayers Cancer Lies Exposed? Oncologist Speaks Of 'RHOC' Medical Records As He Claims He Was 'Forced' Into Filming

Bravo star Brooks Ayers showed his medical records to Tamra Barney on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but unfortunately for him, the speculation into his diagnosis has continued. Following Meghan King Edmonds' allegations of the Bravo star having forged the documents, an oncologist has spoken to Radar Online, claiming what Ayers revealed on the show doesn't necessarily prove he has cancer.

On September 30, practicing oncologist Kristina Mirabeau-Beale, who has not treated Ayers, claimed an actual cancer diagnosis was not included in the Bravo star's documents.

"A CT scan is a diagnostic scan that gives axial images that show anatomy and can show abnormalities like a mass that would be concerning for cancer. PET scans involve giving patients radioactive glucose which makes high turn-over cells, like cancer, light up like a Christmas tree. Both CT and PET scans are used to evaluate known cancers or masses suspicious for cancer, but to actually have a diagnosis you require a tissue biopsy, which is not shown here."

Dr. Mirabeau-Beale, who claimed to have a high degree of familiarity with PET scans, CT scans, and the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, noted inconsistencies in the Bravo star's medical records. According to her, the documents should not have "jumbled words or typos," and the formatting of the documents seen on The Real Housewives of Orange County was "concerning."

Although the doctor acknowledged that there are often formatting issues when viewing medical records on certain devices, she claimed it was not normal for documents presented to patients to have these issues. It was also odd, she claimed, for the documents to have typos. Among the errors mentioned by Dr. Mirabeau-Beale were "Clica history not clinical history; 'em' rather than 'cm' throughout all measurements listed and 'mesentery vessels' rather than mesenteric vessels."

Dr. Mirabeau-Beale went on to deny cleanses, as the Bravo star has claimed to be using to treat his illness, were commonly used to treat cancer, instead listing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation as solutions to Ayers' alleged disease. She did, however, note that cleanses can certainly help in certain situations and can be used along with other treatments.

"It's incomplete information that can't confirm or deny presence of cancer as presented."

Meanwhile, the Bravo star has taken to Twitter, where he alleged he was forced into filming The Real Housewives of Orange County due to his relationship with Gunvalson. In a new tweet to fans, the Bravo star claimed he "totally got forced into filming because I was dating Vicki" and added a hashtag that read, "manufactured drama for reality TV."

Bravo star Ayers began dating Gunvalson four years ago, and once he joined the show, he was immediately faced with backlash due to his alleged ill intentions for his fellow Bravo star. Tamra Barney and Gunvalson's daughter, Briana Culberson, were especially doubtful of Ayers, and made their feelings known to Gunvalson and other stars of the show. Then, after announcing his cancer diagnosis on the show, the Bravo star was faced with rumors regarding his alleged lies about his illness. According to Edmonds, his diagnosis and treatment plan didn't make sense.

The Bravo star split from Gunvalson last month after four years together and has since moved to Florida.

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