George Zimmerman Headed Back to Jail Over Second Passport, Conspiracy to Conceal Evidence

George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, has had his bail revoked and was ordered back to jail by a judge today.

Zimmerman has 48 hours to surrender to authorities after a hearing in which it was determined that the suspect had concealed significant details during a previous hearing- during which he had been granted bail in the first place.

Papers filed in court today could cast doubt on the veracity of Zimmerman’s story the night Martin was shot and killed, as it was revealed that not only was the defendant deliberately dishonest in his earlier hearing, but that he had gone to great lengths along with his wife to present false information at his initial bond hearing. According to court documents, the pair spoke in code to evade detection by authorities when scheming to hide assets from the court:

“Defendant has intentionally deceived the court with the assistance of his wife,” the motion says. “During the jail phone calls both of them spoke in code to hide what they were doing.”

Also at issue in George Zimmerman’s hearing today was to do with a second passport issued to the defendant, one that Zimmerman is also said to have conspired with his wife to conceal from the court.


Zimmerman Released From Jail

While he had indicated that he was issued a passport, he mentioned that it had been lost and failed to indicate that he had been re-issued the necessary travel document.

The State’s Attorney also made an unusual request to seal the names of witnesses, due to the fact that the case is being tried “on social media.”