Tourist Catches Rare Video Of Iceberg Flipping Over [Video]

A tourist in Argentina captured rare video of an iceberg flipping over, allowing us to see how quickly these ship-wrecking objects can move, without any warning.

While icebergs constantly flip over and rotate during the melting process, The Huffington Post reports that the events are rarely seen by people, let alone recorded on film.

The iceberg in the video came from the Upsala glacier in Argentina, and the film shows the giant ice block as it breaks up enough to lose balance, diving into the water and turning itself over, before settling back into place.

The video was taken by YouTube user “osibaruch,” who originally filmed the spectacle in March, but uploaded it less than a week ago. The tourist writes about the experience that:

“While we were passing by it with a catamaran, the huge berg lost a part of itself (look at the right side sinking) and then flipped over with a huge roar. In the process of melting this happens all the time, but it is seldom that it is captured on video WHEN it happens…”


The Upsala Glacier in Argentina has been melting for years, according to Yahoo News, and is often cited as evidence of climate change across the globe. The glacier, which was once the largest in South America, has been retreating at an astonishing rate of about 600 feet per year. Some scientists are disagreeing with the climate change theory, however, believing that the melting of the Upsala glacier is a result of natural factors.

Tourists often make excursions to Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park, where Upsala Glacier is located, to view the beauty of the ice, and also to see the gigantic icebergs that are created there.

To see the rare tipping iceberg, check out the video below: