October 1, 2015
Choa Of K-Pop Group AOA Bravely Shouts Out To North Korea's Dictator Kim Jong Un At The Border [Video]

When it comes to staying relevant in Korean entertainment, members of K-pop groups will often participate in endeavors outside of their group's duties. Generally, the endeavors are modeling and fashion, endorsements, television appearances and acting, or solo music career. As an example of modeling and fashion, Jessica Jung - formerly of Girls' Generation - opened her own fashion line and business called Blanc & Eclare. For endorsements, IU has plenty of them including Mexicana Chicken, Mychews, Samsung, SK Telecom, and S-Oil just to name a few. For television appearances, Dasom of Sistar is known for her acting career. Finally for solo music careers, both Taeyeon of Girls' Generation and CL of 2NE1 fit the bill.

Along with the aforementioned endeavors K-pop artists do in between group duties, they will at times act in a certain way that will appeal to fans. For women, they will show a demeanor of innocence and cuteness. For men, it is often naivety and shyness. But sometimes, they'll do something brave. For Choa of Ace of Angels (better known as AOA), she is either really brave of extremely reckless because she decided to actually do a shout out to North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un at the Korean border.

Choa is the oldest member (though not the leader) of K-pop group AOA.

Apparently, Park Choi - better known by her stage name Choi - was being filmed for the September 27, 2015 broadcast of My Little Television by the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). According to Korean outlet WikiTree, Choa was out in the middle of the night recording when her producer (PD) revealed they were near the North Korean border. What happened next would either be considered either brave or stupid as she yelled out the following.

"Oh, is that so? Jong Un ah! Kim Jong Un!"
For anyone who doesn't know for any reason, North and South Korea are currently at odds with each other and have been for the last 60 years. That is why all males living in South Korea have conscription or mandatory military service. Despite this, Choa continued to show bravery (or stupidity) by continuing to shout out to Kim Jong Un.
"It's not like that. I had a friend named Kim Jong Un when I was in elementary school. Jong Un ah! Have you lost weight yet?"
Needless to say, but Choa's actions surely made the PD very nervous. As a matter of fact, the PD tells Choa what she is doing is extremely dangerous. Choa on the other hand seems to show no fear as she simply smiles and says it's okay because he (the PD) will protect her. Eventually, a clip from My Little Television showcasing the event was uploaded to YouTube. Within two days and after numerous re-uploads by other channels, the video collectively garnered 650,000 views.

The question is why exactly would Choa put herself in danger? Maybe Choa is trying to make up lost time from her past failures trying to become a K-pop idol. She did make it known she failed auditions for SM Entertainment - the label known for Girls' Generation, Super Junior, and Red Velvet - a total of 15 times. Choa even said she failed auditions from JYP Entertainment, the label Wonder Girls and miss A are signed to.

Whatever the reasons for Choa's actions are, many K-pop fans - especially those who are hardcore fans of AOA known as AOE (Ace of Elvis) - are concerned, as reported by Koreaboo. For example, one fan said it was alarming Choa did what she did and she should have listened to her PD. On the other hand, there are numerous other fans who thought Choa's provocation of Kim Jong Un was funny and cute.

At this moment, Kim Jong Un or North Korea has made no official statement about Choa's actions. To be fair though, Jong Un may be used to it by now because way before Choa said anything at the border, many well-known Korean comedians had made fun of him and they're doing just fine.

[Images via AOA's Official Facebook Page]