Zayn Malik’s Mystery Girl Has Finally Been Revealed

Zayn Malik’s blonde mystery girl has finally been revealed. The former One Direction singer shared a photo of himself getting cozy with a gorgeous young woman on his new Instagram account. Fans have been going crazy wondering who the new lady in Zayn’s life is.

Now they don’t have to worry anymore. That’s because Zayn Malik’s mystery girl has finally been revealed. The Perrie Edwards look-a-like who was seen snuggling with Malik is Carlyn Bryan, according to a new report via The Sun. Apparently, she’s a PR girl who hails from Los Angeles. The report also claims that she and Malik are totally dating.

Even though the two are dating, Carlyn doesn’t follow Zayn on Twitter, and he doesn’t follow her as well. Her Twitter handle is @CarlynBryan and she follows 120 people, but her tweets are set to private. She also doesn’t follow One Direction or any of the remaining four members of the group. According to the report, Carlyn and Zayn have known each other for over a year, even when he was still with Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards.

“It’s early days but a budding romance between the pair is on the cards. Despite Zayn posting a picture, Carlyn is trying to keep a very low profile and the relationship will be kept under wraps as long as possible. They’ve socialized in the same place over the past year but their bond has only progressed recently.”

There is not too much information about Zayn Malik’s new girlfriend on the internet since most of her social media accounts are set to private. According to Carlyn Bryan’s LinkedIn profile, she graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2013. She also has her relationship status set to “in a relationship” on her private Facebook profile. This could mean that she’s in a relationship with someone else, or that she’s in a serious relationship with Zayn Malik.

It could still be highly unlikely that she’s not the mystery girl in the photo, and that this is just another rumor that’s circulating around the internet. It’s still hard to tell if Carlyn is actually the lady that’s photographed with Zayn since most of her photos show her with sunglasses on her face.

Carlyn Bryan's Twitter profile pic. (Credit: Carlyn Bryan/Twitter)

Carlyn Bryan gave the media “no comment” when she was asked about her rumored relationship with the former 1D crooner. Zayn’s rep also didn’t respond to the media for comment.

It all started on Saturday, September 26 when Zayn Malik shared a black-and-white photo of himself with his arm wrapped around a mysterious blonde lady. The photo shows him making a kissy face at the unidentified woman as she purses her lips and looks over back at him. Malike shared the photo without a caption, sending his fans into overdrive.

Zayn Malik posted this photo of himself with the mystery blonde girl on Saturday, Sept. 25. (Zayn Malik/Instagram)

Rumors circulated that it was Teen Wolf star Gage Golightly in the photo. The actress took to her social media accounts to slam the romance rumors. Malik’s fans then assumed that it was Bates Motel star Nicola Anne Peltz. She also took to social media to quickly quash those rumors and escape the wrath of his fans.

It’s also been reported via the Hollywood Life that Zayn’s ex-fiancée also caught wind of the photo. She is not jealous of the photo, although she is disgusted that he would flaunt his relationship so soon after their breakup in late August.

“She wants to tell the girl, ‘You can have him!’ Perrie isn’t wasting any more time on this guy. Plus, she thinks he’s just trying to make her jealous because he knows she has moved on. It’s just an attention-seeking, desperate, heartless ploy.”

What are your thoughts on Zayn Malik’s supposed new lady? Do you think she’s the mystery girl in the photo? And do you believe that Zayn has already moved on from his three-year relationship with Perrie Edwards? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]