DramaFever Reveals Round Two Of ‘The Power Of Three’ Contest — Watch K-Movies For A Chance To Win A Trip To Korea

Earlier this month, it was reported that streaming site DramaFever was giving their members a chance to win a free vacation to Korea. Much to the delight of many fans of Korean entertainment especially those who love their K-dramas and K-movies, this was a chance of a lifetime. Ergo, the contest known as “The Power of Three” received much attention with a sudden uptick of membership sign-ups.

Now to be fair, the contest does have conditions that need to be met along with certain regulations. First and foremost, only those who are members on DramaFever could participate. True, the site allows said K-dramas and K-movies to be viewed for free with commercials (ads), but the fact that each K-movie listed in “The Power of Three” has a one-question survey that needs to be answered and linked to a specific member, it makes sense. Also, signing up is absolutely free. It is the three paid accounts (can have few/no ads, hi-def, early access to shows, access to all shows, other perks, etc.) that is a cost and to be frank, it isn’t bad at all at starting a 99 cents a month. That’s cheaper than a Hulu Plus account or Netflix membership. Anyway, three survey questions must be answered correctly for one entry into the contest. There will be a total of six movies in “The Power of Three” so up to two entries can be submitted. The contest unfortunately is only available to those who live in the United States.

Three grand prize winners will be selected on October 23, 2015. They will each receive a round-trip coach class airfare ticket for themselves and their plus one from the nearest major airport to Seoul, Korea, and $300 spending money. The approximate value per winner is about $3,300.

For those who want to see a complete set of contest rules, regulations, conditions, and other details, DramaFever did provide a page that shows such on their Official Sweepstakes Rules.

Power of Three - Round 2
DramaFever presents the third and fourth movies within their "Power of Three" Contest. They are A Moment to Remember and Twenty.

Now that all legalities are explained, what are the two movies added to “The Power of Three” contest? They are A Moment to Remember and Twenty, as revealed by DramaFever on Saturday, September 26, 2015. They join Miss Granny and Tazza 2 which were originally revealed when “The Power of Three” contest was initially announced on Saturday, September 19, 2015.

The first K-movie listed in round two is A Moment to Remember which stars Korean actor and director Jung Woo Sung (Athena: Goddess of War, Padam Padam) and Korean actress Son Ye Jin (Blood and Ties, The Pirates).

Kim Soo Jin (Son Ye Jin) at the age of 27 buys a can of soda and inexplicably leaves it behind and accuses a stranger named Choi Chul Soo (Jung Woo Sung) of stealing it. When they both run into each other again by happenstance, they realize they are mutually attracted to each other. This moment eventually leads to marriage. As time goes by, Soo Jin becomes more and more forgetful of things. After visiting a doctor, they discover Soo Jin is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and that their first meeting with the soda was actually the first sign of Soo Jin’s condition showing.

Now their love will be tested as Chul Soo has to watch his beloved wife slip more into a state of forgetfulness. He just hopes that Soo Jin does not forget how much they are in love with each other.

As for the second movie, it is Twenty, and it is a coming-of-age film starring Kim Woo Bin (School 2013, Heirs), Junho (member of K-pop group 2PM), and Kang Ha Neul (Heirs, Angel Eyes).

Kim Chi Ho (Kim Woo Bin) is a player, Lee Dong Woo (Junho) is penniless, and Kang Gyung Jae (Kang Ha Neul) is a nerd, and they have been friends since high school. Now that they’ve graduated and moved on to their roaring twenties, can they keep their bond close while surviving the challenges (which are hilariously embarrassing at times) of growing up? As time goes by, priorities shift from what they thought was important to them to what is truly important in both love and life. To them (or any man actually), this is definitely true when it comes to girls and work (which seems more challenging to a guy in his twenties).

For those who do not have premium (paid) account at DramaFever, please take note that Twenty is actually a K-movie that can only be watched for those who do have a premium account. For this week only, it will be available to everyone. After Friday, October 2, 2015, it will go back to being an exclusive for paying members. Also, check back here at the Inquisitr to find out what the fifth and sixth movies in round three of “The Power of Three” by DramaFever will be. Follow through for a chance to go to Seoul, Korea.

[Featured Image via Twenty Movie Poster, Post Image via DramaFever]