October 1, 2015
'General Hospital' Rumors: Is Jason Thompson Leaving The Soap? Dr. Patrick Drake May Be Checking Out

There may be some distressing General Hospital news that could have fans of the beloved soap up in arms. There is a rumor going around that longtime GH actor, Jason Thompson, may be leaving the show. Daytime Confidential said that their inside sources spilled that he has been thinking about this for months now.

His contract will be up soon, so this would be the time for him to leave if he chooses to go in that direction. However, his fans do not want to see that happen. Thompson has been on the ABC daytime drama since 2005, and has been one of General Hospital's leading men. His role as Dr. Patrick Drake has been a mainstay at the hospital. In fact, the guy seems to be the only doc who can perform pretty much any surgery and procedure on the show.

His romance with Robin Scorpio, played by Kimberly McCullough, was a perfect one for many years until she left, raising their daughter Emma on his own. The actress chose to leave the soap that she has been a part of since she was a young girl to pursue directing projects.

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Why would Jason Thompson want to leave General Hospital? It has to do with his lack of juicy story lines, according to Daytime Confidential. That is most likely true, as he is now paired up with Sam Morgan, who is still pining over her "dead" husband, Jason. Of course, the big Jason reveal is coming up soon, and Sam will finally know that her husband is still alive and has been right in front of her all this time.

This will leave Patrick Drake alone once again, unless Sam decides that she doesn't want to be with the new Jason after all. Since that will most likely not happen, he will be left high and dry. Many fans want Robin back to reunite with Patrick, even if that means a recast. It worked well for the character of Jason when Billy Miller took over, so it could possibly work again for Robin Scorpio.

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The current storyline on General Hospital has just had Patrick proposing to Sam, but she turned him down for now. As reported by Michael Fairman On Air Soaps, fans did get to hear Jason Thompson singing a song that the actor wrote last week on the soap after his character got his proposal snubbed. The song was called "Sailor Short on Wind," and it was a big hit. Thompson even sent his handwritten lyrics for his fans to see on Twitter.

For now, these speculations that Jason Thompson is leaving General Hospital are just rumors, as nothing is officially confirmed. However, he is most likely thinking about his future on the soap and whether he wants to renew his contract without having a decent storyline. The writers may just realize how valuable he is and give him a meatier script to work with in the near future.

If he should choose to leave, that would definitely affect his on screen daughter, Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer), as well. Of course, she is not seen very often anymore. Those two have such a special father/daughter relationship on screen that it would be a shame to not see the cuteness every once in a while.

What are your thoughts about Jason Thompson possibly leaving General Hospital? Would you want him to stay and possibly bring Robin back as a recast?

Sound off your comments on how you would feel about this.

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