Emily Blunt: Still Heartbroken Over Ex Michael Bublé?

Jody Jameson

Emily Blunt was asked some hard and awkward questions when she went on air with Howard Stern for an interview on The Howard Stern Show.

Stern brought up the past when he interviewed Blunt on his radio show. The host asked Blunt about the time she spent with Michael Bublé and also about the cheating rumors that surrounded the singer after he and Emily called it quits. Blunt was in a relationship with Bublé from 2005 to 2008. After the couple broke things off with each other, rumors of Michael being unfaithful to Emily started to circulate the estranged couple.

Soon after the break up, however, Emily moved on to better things. Blunt has been happily married to actor John Krasinski for the past five years and the two have a 1-year-old daughter together named Hazel. Stern brought Bublé up to Blunt by saying that he had been doing research on her and her husband.

Stern said that he loved Blunt's husband and that "he's funny, he's great." Howard told Emily that during his research on her, he had found out that Emily had been in a three-year-long relationship with Michael Bublé, and Stern obviously wanted to hear Emily talk about the sensitive topic.

"I didn't realize you were in a deep, heavy relationship with Michael Bublé…before [your husband]. You haven't dated a lot of guys…you like monogamy."
"I don't know if I was perfect with him. But we had a good time."

Stern brought up how Bublé took Blunt home to meet his family. Apparently, the singer's mother absolutely loved Emily and told her son that he needed to marry her. Emily told Stern that she was very fond of her ex's family and still is to this day.

Then Stern brought up what must have been a painful topic for Blunt: the couple's break up and the subsequent cheating rumors that followed. Emily avoided the questions by laughing it off and a quick "it's complicated." Blunt obviously didn't want to talk about that time in her life, but neither she nor Stern made the conversation uncomfortable. Emily did begin to get a little embarrassed, however, when Stern insisted on talking about the touchy topic.

"Now I'm going red…because I never talk about it…I never want to talk about it."

Who can blame her? There aren't many who would want to discuss their broken relationships on air, even if it is with Howard Stern playing the role of Dr. Phil.

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