October 1, 2015
Vine Stars Smoke Out Social Smoking & Target Teens' Tobacco Temptation: Do You Know The Risks? [Video]

Even smoking occasionally can impact your health, whether you're young or old. That's the message from a group of Vine stars, including Logan Paul, Christian DelGrosso, Allicattt, and Jerry Purpdrank, who have joined the truth® campaign to target teens who think that tobacco is cool. The message is the medium as these stars create 15-second ads to take their anti-smoking message viral by teaming up with truth.

The focus is on encouraging everyone to go tobacco-free and emphasizing that teens and young adults who assume that social smoking such as puffing with pals and limiting smoking to weekends or parties are dangerously wrong.

Vine star and comedian 22-year-old Allicattt, who is an aspiring actress, is determined to make a difference.

"I've seen firsthand the dangerous effects of tobacco, and while the teen smoking rate is down to just 8% today, I know that a lot of young people still think smoking is a casual and harmless activity," she revealed in an exclusive interview. "But the reality is that smoking is a health trap and every time teens light up, they not only harm themselves, but they also are paying Big Tobacco."

Allicatt believes that by using her social media influence, she can use her power to stop smoking. She urges teens to recognize that alternative forms of tobacco are still harmful, and that includes the popular hookah and flavored cigars.

And for those who think that hookahs are at least safer than cigarettes, the latest research reveals a shocker -- they're actually more dangerous, reported the Huffington Post.

Although many enjoy using a hookah for an hour or so, the new study revealed that many young folks have no idea that smoking 100 cigarettes and using a hookah for one hour result in the same amount of smoke inhalation.

Among the health hazards are blood clots, stroke, cancer, and a higher likelihood of heart problems.

"In reality, it's still smoking, and all smoking is harmful," pointed out Allicatt.

Premiering during the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead and season start of The Walking Dead, a new video series called "Big Tobacco Be Like" will air on October 4 and 11.

"Whether they're saying it out loud or not, some people are often the 'I only smoke when I drink' or 'I don't smoke alone' types," said Jerry Purpdrank. "But, just like we point out in the videos, every time you light up—whether you bought that pack or not—you're helping put cash in the pockets of Big Tobacco."

As for why they are using Vine stars, truth's chief marketing officer, Eric Asche, explained that the organization feels they have the ability to make a connection with the target generation.

A woman smokes a hookah - but the statistics on the dangers are shocking.
A woman smokes a hookah - but the statistics on the dangers just became revealed in a new study.

"We love working with Viners like Logan, Christian, Allicattt and Jerry because they become our co-creators and co-directors," said Eric. "They understand how to connect with people, and knowing they personally feel strongly about this generation ending smoking keeps their message authentic."

Reasons often given for using tobacco are that "it's cool," "if I didn't smoke, I'd gain weight," and "it's not really that dangerous." Allicattt challenges those rationales.

"People make excuses for all types of ridiculous behavior as a way to rationalize their unhealthy choices," she pointed out. "My response to those excuses is that regardless of how much or little you smoke, it's a dangerous and life-threatening habit."

Are e-cigarettes safe?
Do you know the dangers of smoking?

And if she could give one message to those who are seeking a focus for their future, Allicattt urges that they seek to end smoking permanently.

"I fully believe that my generation—today's young people—can be the one that ends smoking for good."

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