Dutch Company Claims To Colonize Mars By 2023 [VIDEO]

In what could easily be an internet hoax, a Dutch company has released a video stating that they plan to colonize Mars by the year 2023.

Backed by Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist Prof. Dr. Gerard ‘t Hooft, this project is claiming that it will take seven years for the first group of four to arrive on the red planet. Once those initial frontiers arrive and prep the settlement, additional crews will arrive once every two years to continue growing the population.

“My first impression was this is an extraordinary project by people with vision and imagination. My first reaction was, I think like anyone who was confronted with such an idea, that ‘this will never work’.” says Hooft. “But now look and listen more closely, this is something that really can be achieved. I think this might become a most spectacular media event ever watched by everyone on the globe.”

In this YouTube video titled “Mars One Introduction Film” that was released just yesterday, the company explains their venture and the details that will make it possible.

“1972 was the last time that humans walked on the moon” says the voice over on the YouTube video, “No human has ever gone as far as Mars.”


One of the rather interesting components, other than the idea that they’re trying to settle Mars, is the fact that “Big Brother” co-creator Paul Römer is an official ambassador of the venture. Providing that a major reality show co-creator is involved, this could very well prove to be an attempt at exploiting the internet’s ability to cause a hoax to go viral.

Hoax or not, it’ll be interesting to see where this story goes.

Do you think this Dutch company claiming to colonize Mars by 2023 is legitimate, or just an internet hoax?