Black Women 'Too Fat And Too Dark' To Be Let In Popular DSTRKT London Club -- Protests Over Karrueche Tran Appearance [Video]

There is certainly controversy and buzz heating up around the London nightclub called DSTRKT. A search for the hashtag #DSTRKT on Twitter turns up videos of current protests after the club was accused of not letting in a group of black women because they were deemed too fat and too dark to be allowed inside DSTRKT.

Current scenes outside night club! Proud of the people letting their voices be heard.
As reported by the BBC, the DSTRKT protest happened as a result of a melee that began when 29-year-old Lin Mei -- who hails from London -- was allegedly told that a couple of her girlfriends couldn't enter the club with her because of their skin color and weight.


Two of the women in Lin's party were reportedly asked to stand across the street so that the club managers could determine if they looked good enough to enter. After allegedly being denied entry to the DSTRKT club on Saturday evening, a social media protest began that launched a series of panicked tweets.

The DSTRKT club -- who has hosted such famous folks as Kim Kardashian, Jay Z, and Rihanna -- had invited the mixed-race Lin to the club via the web. However, once the lighter-skinned Lin showed up with darker-skinned friends, the club allegedly had a problem with two of them.


A series of seemingly incriminating tweets attributed to the club show that they only wanted to allow two "mixed race" girls inside. The texts reveal that DSTRKT only wanted to allow "hot" girls in the club, and the person communicating said that it wasn't about race.

"DSTRKT isn't a racist club. There's loads of black girls in here right now."
However, the fact that requests for only mixed race girls came via text prompted anger, especially after the suggestion to move on from DSTRKT and go to Case de Paris instead came via text.
"Only mixed race girls? Are you deluded? So why not black girls?"
It's a conversation that DSTRKT is likely hoping remained hidden, especially with the unwanted attention the club is getting on social media because of the slight. Lin says it was her friends Reisha and Tasha who were asked to stand across the street in order to be evaluated and judged if they looked good enough to come in. Eventually, the duo was reportedly deemed too dark and overweight to come in.

Lin says she was disgusted at the behavior of the club, and especially at the alleged text messages from the promoter, which proclaimed that darker-skinned girls had to be hot in order to get inside.

According to the Voice, after Lin's experience became public, other women began messaging her with similar experiences. There needs to be equality, said Lin's friend, proclaiming that everyone should be allowed in a club and not denied based on weight or skin color.

Karrueche Tran was scheduled to appear at the club, and she is being criticized for entering through the back door, and not speaking to protesters. Others defend Tran, saying she had to fulfill her contractual obligation.
Karrueche enters through the back door in order to avoid the protesters she said she'd speak to.
The incident is allowing others to share their experiences about growing up black in London.
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