Jenelle Evans' New Boyfriend Spent Time in Jail With Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Evans has a new man in her life and it turns out that he actually shares a past with her ex-husband Courtland Rogers. Jenelle is now dating a man by the name of David Eason. It turns out that the Teen Mom star is dating someone who was in jail with Courtland. Radar Online shared that Courtland Rogers is now speaking out and wants everyone to know that he knows David and actually doesn't have great things to say about Jenelle's new man.

Courtland actually went to his Twitter account and started talking about Evans' new boyfriend. He shared that they were in jail together and that he actually trusted David Eason, but it doesn't sound like he is happy that he is now hooking up with Evans. A lot of people were not sure if Jenelle Evans' ex was telling the truth, but it turns out that he is not lying. Documents show that Courtland Rogers and David Eason were both at Neuse Correctional Institute in Goldsboro, North Carolina in 2014. There were there at the same time for about three months.

You have to wonder if Jenelle Evans knew this or is just now finding out about the connection. Evans new boyfriend was in jail for breaking and entering, larceny, drug paraphernalia possession, and injury to property. He could even know some inside information about Courtland and Jenelle depending on how close they were in jail.

Rumor Fix shared that even though Jenelle Evans has only been dating David Eason for a few weeks, tabloids are already coming down hard on him. Jenelle actually spoke out to them and doesn't want everyone to judge him so fast. Evans feels like people should get to know him first and it hasn't been long enough to do that yet. She shared her thoughts with Rumor Fix.
"We all have a past and have gotten in trouble before, he's a great guy and wish everyone would stop judging him. I'm a great person and have more mug shots than him so I don't want to hear it!"
Jenelle Evans new boyfriend does have a pretty big rap sheet, but Evans doesn't think that anyone should be concerned. She wants everyone to give him a fair chance, but that is easier said than done. Courtland Roger is not going to let go of the fact that he knew Janelle's new boyfriend back when they were in prison together about a year ago.At this time, Evans has moved on from Courtland Rogers and from Nathan Griffin. Not long ago, Jennelle shared that her relationship with Nathan can't be fixed.
"I really don't think [there is any hope for Nathan and I]. He's damaged this relationship so much. Even if we got back together I would be like, 'Is he cheating on me? Is he ever going to come home? Who is he with? Where's he at?'…And I don't want to be with someone like that. I don't want to have to worry about it."
Jenelle Evans is very adamant that she is done with bad boys and has moved on. The fact that Evans is now dating another criminal does make fans wonder about the Teen Mom star and her choices in men. Hopefully, he is a good guy that just has a rocky past like Evans says is the case.

Are you shocked to hear that Jenelle Evans has moved on to someone who was in jail with Courtland Rogers? Do you think that David Eason really is a good guy like she says that he is? Sound off in the comments on your thoughts.

[Photo source Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Instagram]