Jennifer Lopez' Explicit Tape: Ojani Noa Threatens To Release Honeymoon Video

Jennifer Lopez is still having difficulty avoiding the ongoing saga of her ex-husband. Her former husband, Ojani Noa, who she married in February, 1997, is trying to release an intimate video of their honeymoon.

Jennifer Lopez is still in an intense legal battle to prevent her ex-husband from releasing the old footage of their honeymoon videos. According to a recent report via In Touch Weekly, Noa has been trying to release the explicit tapes for nearly six years, but Lopez's legal team has found ways to block his attempts. But Noa says that he still plans to release the footage. According to his lawyer, Ed Meyer, they have found a way around Lopez's legal team, who have stopped them in the past.

"We are going to produce a DVD and also have a streaming release of the J.Lo home video footage. There is revealing video of her with a lack of clothing and in sexual situations, especially in the hotel footage from the honeymoon."
Ojani's lawyer also assures fans that the footage will surely "shock her fans," although it's not like they haven't seen J.Lo nude or nearly nude before.

The tapes in question reveal more than just sex. According to another report via Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the hotel footage also shows that Jennifer Lopez's side of the family has a gambling problem. One part of the tape allegedly shows Jennifer arguing with her mother over money. Jennifer refuses to let Guadalupe gamble away any more of her money.

Of course, fans are more interested in the intimate footage rather than the family drama. Ojani has hinted that one portion of the private tapes show Jennifer "playfully spanking a pal" who takes part in their bedroom activities.

4/7/97 Los Angeles, CA Jennifer Lopez and husband Ojani Noa at the premiere of the new movie
4/7/97 Los Angeles, CA Jennifer Lopez and husband Ojani Noa at the premiere of the new movie "Anaconda" (Credit: Albert Ortega / Stringer)

Jennifer's ex husband has been attempting to make a profit off their explicit tapes after he had to pay $545,000 for violating their confidentiality agreement. Back in 2007, Ojani attempted to publish a tell-all book about their marriage and sex life.

The book in question details that Jennifer Lopez has multiple affairs during her 11-month marriage to Noa. She also had an alleged tryst with Latin singer Marc Anthony, her third and latest husband. Noa's plans for the tell-all were revealed in an article on the New York Post published in January, 2006, entitled, "The Unknown Truth: A Passionate Portrait of a Serial Thriller."

He also planned to make a documentary about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez to prove that he didn't marry her for the fame.

In June of that year, Jennifer sued the former restaurant and night club owner for violating the terms of their "non-disparagement" agreement that the couple settled in a previous dispute. He decided not to publish the book unless Jennifer paid $5 million dollars, according to the lawsuit.

It seems like Noa has something against the singer and actress. He also told In Touch that he has "unfinished business" with Lopez. He thinks that releasing intimate footage of their honeymoon will be the final nail in the coffin to her career.

1997 Jennifer Lopez. Stock Photo. (Credit: Brenda Chase / Stringer)
1997 Jennifer Lopez. Stock Photo. (Credit: Brenda Chase / Stringer)

Jennifer Lopez doesn't just have her ex to contend with. She also has to worry about his new partner. Back in 2011, he tried to manage a legal loophole and sold explicit videos to his rumored girlfriend and partner Claudia Vazquez. The two allegedly turned the tapes into a full-length movie.

Months after, Lopez has obtained a restraining order against Vasquez and a judge temporarily ruled that the tapes can't be released without her signature. Now, it looks like Ojani Noa and Meyer are still looking to cash into the Jennifer Lopez honeymoon tape.

What are your thoughts on J.Lo's explicit videos? Do you think that once the videos are released, they will ruin the entertainer's career? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Albert Ortega / Stringer / Getty Images]