'American Horror Story: Hotel' Sneak Peek And Who's Coming Back?

Hold onto your hats, American Horror Story fans. International Business Times is reporting that you're going to get a chance to check out American Horror Story: Hotel during Tuesday night's episode of Scream Queens on Fox. Ryan Murphy, creator of both wildly popular series, teased the upcoming American Horror Story: Hotel preview on Twitter just last night.

Fans of American Horror Story already know that virtually anything could be lurking under that bed. The series has been a huge ratings draw for FX since it debuted. Each season is a stand-alone story, too. This makes it perfect for TV watchers who don't want to invest themselves in a story-line that's going to go 200 episodes deep. You don't have to play catch-up with all of the seasons you've missed to get into a new season. That's not to say you won't want to; there's not been a bad season of American Horror Story, and "Hotel" has been hyped to be among the best yet.

American Horror Story: Hotel trailers have teased the addition of Lady Gaga to the cast, which has some recurring members from season to season, despite the ever-changing stories and roles. Gaga is going to be playing the role of Elizabeth, the "Countess," owner of the hotel and a "social doyenne who is consumed with art and fashion and people." Oh, and rumor has it, she's also a vampire. This week, Gaga shared a haunting new American Horror Story: Hotel pic with the world, promoting the new season, which premieres October 7.

In addition to Ryan Murphy's sneak peek announcement, there's also been a lot of chatter about who might be returning to American Horror Story: Hotel. Jessica Lange, who has had pivotal roles in every season of American Horror Story, said last season that "Freak Show" would be her last go-round with the show. E! recently interviewed Murphy and asked the American Horror Story creator what was in store for Lange in "Hotel" and in the upcoming, unnamed sixth season.

According to Murphy, he's definitely talked to Jessica about returning for American Horror Story: Hotel. He also wants the legendary actress to take some part in the sixth season of the show, the premise of which has already been decided. He's keeping tight-lipped about whether or not she will return, but promises to keep working to get her back as part of the cast.

"I would love for her to come back in any way. We talked about her coming back this season for Hotel. I'm going to see her this weekend and whisper little, devious things. I love her."
at Dolby Theatre on March 15, 2015 in Hollywood, California." width="448" height="594" class="wp-image-2458170 size-full" /> Jessica Lange and co-star Cathy Bates [Photo: Mark Davis/Getty]Stars of American Horror Story: Hotel are keeping the rumor mills grinding with talk that this is going to be a very bloody, nightmare-inducing season of the American Horror Story franchise. The buzz is that the sneak peek is extra horrifying and not for the faint of heart. Not that American Horror Story was ever intended for the timid. There are plenty that can't make it through the opening sequences of a given season without getting pretty creeped out. The trailers that have already been released for American Horror Story: Hotel don't disappoint, either.


Fortunately, the wait for American Horror Story: Hotel is just about over. The sneak peek's Tuesday, and the premiere is just over a week away. Much of the "Freak Show" cast will be returning, including Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson (who's been with the show since the beginning), Wes Bentley, Evan Peters (also with the cast since season one), and Angela Bassett. American Horror Story: Hotel is also going to be a darker, more horror-based season than some of the more recent installments. The show's creators are taking the series back to a place closer to its "Murder House" beginnings.

A place where nothing is safe, where you have to ask yourself questions like "what's lurking under the bed?" A place where you never know what's coming next, where every character is expendable. If you're not yet familiar with that place, then welcome to American Horror Story.

[Image Courtesy: Twitter/Teen Vogue]