Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger, Daughter Of Heath Ledger, Back In The Big Apple For An Extended Stay

Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger are making their way back to New York City. Williams is set to make an 18-week run on Broadway. She will be appearing in Blackbird, along with Jeff Daniels, beginning February 5, 2016. Michelle and her daughter by the late Heath Ledger, Matilda, stepped out to enjoy Finding Neverland according to Metro. This was the first time in a while the public got a glimpse of Matilda, now 9-years old.

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Since Heath Ledger's passing, Williams has attempted to raise Matilda outside of the spotlight. It has been her goal that Matilda has as normal a life as possible. This is understandable. The child of a celebrity is tough enough to live up to, but it could be particularly troublesome considering the way Heath lost his life (accidental overdose of prescription medications).

Heath Ledger's sister, Kate, has applauded the way Michelle Williams is raising her niece. She spoke with the Sunday Telegraph about Matilda.

"(Michelle) really does keep things real for her (Matilda). And her existence, although different from most, is as normal as possible in an abnormal world."

Kate went on to talk about the relationship that she has with Matilda. She stressed the importance of Matilda being able to know her dad despite the fact that he passed away when she was just 2-years-old.

"I love telling [Matilda] stories about her daddy and how he grew up. I think it's so important for her to have a good sense of where she comes from in order for her to get to know herself."

Most of what we know of Matilda comes from family members in keeping with Michelle's request. In fact, 9 News recently honored a request from Michelle to remove Matilda from a picture they had published on their website. However, Australia Channel 10 did catch up with Heath's father Kim to discuss what kind of person Matilda is growing up to be.

"Heath never slept from when he was two and Matilda's like that. She's just got this ball of energy and she radiates this little aura, Heath was kind of like that. So, it's fabulous really."

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger began dating in 2004. The relationship started while the two were on the set of Brokeback Mountain. A year later, Matilda was born. She will turn 10-years-old in October.

After the passing of Heath Ledger in January 2008, Michelle threw herself into films. Over the course of three year period, she appeared in nine feature-length films, including Shutter Island and Blue Valentine. Since then, Williams workload has lightened. Her last major release Oz the Great and Powerful. She starred as Glinda the Good Witch.

Blackbird follows 55-year-old Ray, who encounters 27-year-old Una. Ray had a sexual affair with Una 15 years earlier when she was just 12. Ray went to prison for the affair, and he has tried to establish a new life with a new identity. After seeing Ray in a photograph, Una tracks him down.


Michelle Williams will be back in theaters in 2016. Her film Manchester-by-the-Sea is currently in post-production. The film follows Lee (Casey Affleck) who is tasked with taking care of his brother's son after he suddenly passes away. Lee decides to move back to town to care for the boy and deal with Randi (his ex-wife), played by Michelle Williams.

What do you think of Michelle Williams decision to keep Matilda Ledger out of the spotlight? Can a celebrity child ever truly be shut off from the public, or are they destined to be hunted down by paparazzi no matter how sheltered their parents try to keep them?

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