What Is It About 'Ladies Of London' Juliet Angus That Annoys Fans?

Ladies of London fans are a loyal, rabid bunch, but Juliet Angus is making it difficult embrace her. In the three episodes this year, she has now had conflict with Marissa Hermer, Caroline and Sophie Stanbury, and most recently, Annabelle Neilson and Julie Montagu. If she throws Caroline Fleming under the bus, she will have alienated the entire cast.

The Inquisitr reported that the first and biggest drama was between Juliet and Marissa, leading to the end of their friendship, which started when the two Americans became close based on being foreigners in London. The final straw there was when Juliet traded up and asked Caroline Stanbury to throw her a birthday party/Thanksgiving dinner, leaving Marissa holding the bag after being asked to throw the same party, but at her restaurant, Bumpkin. Juliet's husband suggested that she ask Marissa to tea and make amends, but she blew that too, and the ladies agreed to be civil.

Fashion & Style says that Juliet Angus then decided to make a fuss, now called "humpgate," when Caroline Stanbury, clad in a unicorn onesie, grinded on Angus' husband Gregor (who didn't seem to mind). Though is was perhaps a joke in poor taste, Angus blew it way out of proportion. She then reportedly called Caroline repeatedly, trying to elicit an apology, which only succeeded in making Stanbury angrier.

During a lunch with Julie Montagu and Annabelle Neilson, the tiff with Stanbury came up again, when Julie asked Juliet what was up. Juliet then turned on both Julie and Annabelle, who were truly on her side and trying to be sympathetic. It seems Juliet realized that Stanbury was more of an asset than a hinderance in her social climbing game and backed down (though obviously, she didn't clue Julie in).

"There is Caroline playing queen bee, and there are a bunch of pawns behind her. Juliet wants to be with the other pawns," Annabelle said.

Julie seems to agree with Annabelle's point. Julie then tells Juliet why she truly thinks Juliet is no longer angry with Caroline.

"It's almost like you're afraid of Caroline," Julie explained.

Indeed, Julie Montagu. Indeed.

The New York Post reported that Angus wasn't the only one who thought the Gregor humping was out of line. Annabelle Neilson agreed that Stanbury stepped over a line.

"That's crossing the line," Juliet laments to Caroline while still clad in their animal-themed onesies. "Don't get on my husband and start humping him."

"Your husband said he loved it," the blond socialite hisses before Juliet tosses her kangaroo hat in her face.

"To be quite frank, if my husband was lying down and somebody jumped on top of him, I don't think I'd be too happy," Annabelle tells the Post. "Gregor is quite reserved, and Juliet obviously didn't like it."

She Knows believes that fans are judging Angus too harshly, and believe that despite her faults, she is real.

"Juliet is feisty and spunky; and a brief trip through her Instagram feed reveals someone who's definitely not interested in curating her image so it seems like she doesn't have a personality."

If this is the case, fans would rather see some real Juliet instead of a woman who seems to be struggling to keep up with the other personalities in the room.

What did you think of the latest Ladies of London?

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