Gretchen Rossi’s Message To ‘RHOC’ Fans: ‘Thank You For Seeing The Truth’

Gretchen Rossi hasn't said much since she left The Real Housewives of Orange County, but the recent stories on the show have caused Gretchen to take notice. Rossi says that she doesn't actually watch the show, but she has watched some clips on Bravo to catch up. And she knows that Vicki Gunvalson is showing some hypocritical behavior on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

But there is one thing that Gretchen Rossi is excited about: she has plenty of support when it comes to her fans. Rossi's fans have pointed out various inconsistencies in Vicki's behavior and stories, and Gretchen is thrilled that her name is being cleared.

According to a new tweet, Gretchen Rossi is now thanking her fans for seeing the truth. Of course, Gretchen questioned Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson, and the women are no longer friends. Gretchen said that Tamra isn't being honest with fans about her life, and the religious storyline has been a head-scratcher. And Gunvalson filming a reality show with her partner having cancer is a hypocritical move, as Gretchen was slammed for filming with Jeff in the hospital a few years back.

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"I'm so grateful that after all these yrs. the fans remember what was said and done to me and aren't fooled by the shenanigans of a few. Thank you all for always having my back and seeing the truth. Love you guys," Gretchen revealed on Twitter, adding that she still talks to Jeff's children, "Yes sure do! Still very close."

Even though Rossi is thankful for the support, there are still people who think that Gretchen wasn't being honest when she was filming The Real Housewives of Orange County. Apparently, there are rumors that Rossi hasn't married Slade yet because no network wants to air their wedding.

"How does Gretchen Rossi explain refusing to marry Slade since no network is willing to foot the bill and air it. Oops," one follower wrote, which had Tamra Barney chime in, adding, "Let's just wish her well and hope she finds her happiness in life."

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"I think Gretchen Rossi is happy... I believe the only time she says anything about any of you is when asked by media or us," a second follower replied to Tamra, which Rossi acknowledged with a few emoticons.

It is clear that Gretchen Rossi and Tamra don't talk anymore. The two used to be close friends, but things quickly took a turn. Tamra felt she couldn't trust Gretchen, and Rossi felt betrayed because Tamra was such a flip-flopper. But just because Rossi isn't on the show anymore doesn't mean she is keeping her mouth shut. In fact, she recently spoke out about her former co-star, calling Barney a "monster mom."

"Tamra called Slade a deadbeat dad, which is completely untrue because he has a great relationship with his son," Rossi recently told Radar Online, adding, "What is funny about all of this is that now SHE is a monster mom!"

"Her own daughter cannot stand her and does not want to see her anymore," Rossi said, adding, "This is a fact. Although there is a compassionate side that wants to feel bad for her, there is also a side of me that is like 'you know what? Karma really is a b***h.'"

It is very interesting that fans are still reaching out to Gretchen. She has clearly been keeping up with The Real Housewives of Orange County, and she is thrilled that her fans are finally seeing the truth years later.

What do you think of Gretchen Rossi's tweets? Do you want to see her back on the show?

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