WWE News: NXT Champion Finn Balor Teases Huge Match With Seth Rollins

Finn Balor isn't a stranger to controversy. During his run in New Japan Pro Wrestling, he became a top target for the WWE and also created a legacy that may remain unmatched. As soon as Fergal Devitt's career ended in Japan, it was his time to shine in the United States. The WWE created Finn Balor to start an enigmatic revolution.

Balor has since grabbed that proverbial brass ring and shot up to the moon in popularity and skill. When he won the NXT Heavyweight championship at Beast in the East, Balor truly arrived in the WWE. It all began when Hideo Itami brought him in as a tag-team partner against the Ascension. Along with his incredible entrance, Finn Balor is bound to lead WWE into the next generation.

Finn Balor NXT Debut

Everybody has dream matches as a WWE fan. Whether it's Big Show vs. Andre the Giant or Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk, dream matches are usually just that: a dream. Balor has faced all that NXT has to offer. All the WWE Universe is waiting for is his inevitable feud with Samoa Joe. As soon as that dissipates, he will finally make his way to the main roster.

When he makes it there, WWE fans already have a few opponents in mind that would make the most sense. John Cena is one, simply due to the rub Cena can give a young WWE star. If he gets the Owens treatment, then Balor will start fresh. Cesaro and Owens are two good men to work with Balor. According to Finn Balor, he's already called out a man that has the WWE Universe's attention.

A feud between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor wouldn't just blow the roof off any arena, but that's a pairing worthy of a main event at WrestleMania 32. Although, WWE may have different plans they want to go with moving forward. One that may be in the plans of WWE Creative is also a dream match for WWE fans.

Seth Rollins Raw

When the Shield broke up last year, it tugged at the heart strings of many wrestling fans. After beginning as a heel, the Shield became a beloved faction inside the WWE. Seth Rollins turned heel and broke up the legendary faction. Is there a chance they could come back? In a recent interview, Rollins addressed that very idea.

"The two of those guys, myself, I feel like paved the way for a different kind of work ethic than what we had been seeing in WWE over the past five years, maybe before that. That's something I know the three of us are real proud of and every time we go out there we're going out there to have the best match and steal the show whether working against each other, with each other it doesn't matter. And that's just kind of the attitude we came in with and we stuck to our guns this entire time and it's cool to be able to share that with two other guys. The time we had with The Shield, who knows if it will ever come back around but if it doesn't no one will ever be able to take that run away from us either."
Whether it happens or not, Rollins already impacted the WWE in a major way. Balor has the potential to do the same, but he has to get out of WWE NXT first to do so. Will the WWE Universe see a feud between Balor and Rollins?

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