Georgia Boy James Dukes, 11, Helped Deliver His Baby Brother At Home When His Mother Went Into Labor Unexpectedly [Video]

James Dukes, an 11-year-old Georgia boy, helped his mother deliver his baby brother at home with instructions given by a 911 dispatcher when his mother went into labor unexpectedly.

James was at home on the morning of September 22, Tuesday, when his mother, Kenyarda Dukes of Marietta, Georgia, discovered she had gone into labor unexpectedly.

According to WSB-TV, when James heard his mother screaming from her bedroom, he ran to her and asked what was wrong.

"I was screaming, and my son ran in the room: 'Mom, are you OK?' I'm like, 'Nooo!' "
When James realized that his mother was about to give birth to his little brother, he wasted no time taking action -- he called 911. When James told the dispatcher that he was alone at home with his mother, she gave instructions what to do before an ambulance and medical personnel arrived.

Baby Royal
James Dukes, His Mother, Kenyarda Dukes, With Baby Royal At The Hospital
"I called 911. They told me what to do: to get towels and wrap the baby up."
Despite his age, James grasped the instructions clearly and acted accordingly. Before the ambulance arrived, he had helped his mother deliver his little brother.

Royal Dukes was born Tuesday morning, September 22, weighing a healthy 6 pounds 9 ounces. He came to the world with the help of his 11-year-old brother, who wrapped him up in a dry towel as the dispatcher instructed.

When James father learned what his son had done, he was full of praises. He lauded his son for his courage and told everyone how proud he was of him.

"Words can't express how proud I am," James' father said.

"He is the epitome of when you tell your son that 'you're the man of the house so you have to take care of those responsibilities...' "
James mother is relieved that her son was at home to help.

Baby Royal
Baby Royal

"My son was brave," said the proud mother. "He didn't shake. He didn't budge... He did a wonderful job, and I'm proud of him."

Dr. Eric Brown, the physician who should have delivered baby Royal, also praised James.

He said, "I've never heard of anything like this. I think James is very special. The baby is doing fantastic. As you can see, his young doctor is taking very good care of him."

The experience has sparked in James the flame of ambition become a doctor, the Associated Press reports. And judging from his competence in handling his little brother's birth, no one doubts that James could grow up to become an accomplished physician.

"I don't like people hurting or down or anything," he said. "So I want to fix them and help them."

James' comments reveal he is a compassionate boy.

Dr. Brown said he was happy to have James as his trainee assistant and to help nurture the precocious boy's ambition.

"I'm anticipating James to spend some time with me at the office," he said.

"... we'll help James make his dream come true to be a physician."
Despite the effusive praises, James was modest about his accomplishment, saying he only did what he had to do.

The mother and newborn made it to the hospital on September 22, and doctors said they were doing well.

Kenyarda and her baby, Royal, were released from hospital on Thursday, September 24, according to WSB-TV.

[Image: Screengrab / WSB-TV]