Cara Delevingne Cheating On St. Vincent? She Takes A Ride With Sam Smith

Cara Delevingne has made no secret about her feelings for singer St. Vincent, confessing her love for her long-time girlfriend in a number of interviews, but could it be that Sam Smith is beginning to sway Cara's heart? Outward appearances may make it seem that way, particularly after the evening helicopter ride Delevingne shared with Sam.

As ABC News reports, Sam Smith and Cara Delevingne took an impromptu helicopter ride, the first such ride that the James Bond singer has ever taken. As seen in the video posted by Cara, Smith was more than a little nervous about the experience, possibly revealing a fear of heights, though the glass walls might be enough to make many nervous.

As the helicopter returned to the ground, the two fled from the helicopter, joining together in an embrace, which was photographed and posted to Smith's Instagram. Delevingne jumped up into Sam's arms with each of them seeming ecstatically happy with one another.
Where was St. Vincent during all of this? She may have been recovering from her own mid-air experience with Ms. Delevingne, which took place on a flight from LAX to London's Heathrow airport in advance of Cara's appearance at the UK premiere of Pan. Daily Mail reports that Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent were consumed with passion, as they kissed in their seats so intensely that the PDA drew the attention of the surrounding passengers on the flight.

It wasn't long before Cara dragged St. Vincent into a nearby restroom cubicle and it was assumed by witnesses that they sought privacy to indulge in even more lovemaking.

"The girls were really PDA-ing," a passenger reported of Delevingne and St. Vincent. "They couldn't keep their hands off each other while they were kissing, and it set the other passengers' tongues wagging."

Cara and her long-time girlfriend were locked away for more than fifteen minutes, before returning to their seats, "looking pretty disheveled."

Delevingne and her partner were unable to keep their tryst private due to the large number of passengers seated in the area and milling about, but it seemed to witnesses that neither Cara nor St. Vincent were overly concerned about discretion. It was also reported that, while the cabin crew were noticeably disturbed by the display, no one disturbed Ms. Delevingne and St. Vincent, either in their seats or when the passionate couple went into the cubicle.

St. Vincent also joined Ms. Delevingne at the LFW Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2016 presentation in London for Fashion Week, where the couple seemed as close as ever, as they whispered into one another's ear.

Certainly this was before Cara's ride with Sam Smith, but Delevingne seems overjoyed in the company of St. Vincent, so it may be there is less to that post-helicopter ride embrace than it would seem. Delevingne is certainly the kind of free spirit that is wildly demonstrative of her feelings, expressing everything from happiness to irritation in the most exaggerated ways.

Or might it be that, as she has done in past relationships, Ms. Delevingne is subconsciously sabotaging her love affair with St. Vincent. Her past words, seemingly coming back to haunt her, predict disaster in all of her relationships.

"I want to fall in love, I think. I've never. I know. Everyone I know's been in love or in relationships now and... There's only ever been... there's been people telling me they love me, but it freaks me out and I just run, run. I think I'm a bad girlfriend."
Only time will tell if the couple are destined for greater things or if the end is near. It will be interesting to see if Sam Smith plays some role in the fates of Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent.

[Featured image: Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent courtesy of Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]