Hooked on Red Bull? Its been banned in parts of Germany for containing Cocaine

Any regular drinker of Red Bull knows that the stuff is addictive, but apparently it’s not just the caffeine that’s causing addiction.

Authorities in the German states of Hesse and North-Rhine Westphalia have banned Red Bull Cola (a cola flavored version of Red Bull) after testing found that one ingredient not disclosed on the side of the can was cocaine.

Unfortunately for people looking for a legal high, the amount of cocaine is so small that it doesn’t pose any health risk (well, as long as you don’t drink two dozen a day), but likewise is not a permitted ingredient under local law.

According to local reports, the cocaine comes from a process of de-cocainized extract of coca leaf in the drink, which despite its name, doesn’t actually take all the cocaine out. The process also means that Red Bull Cola has to be classified as a narcotic and needs a special license for sale.

Red Bull protested the decision, saying that Red Bull Cola had been deemed safe by the EU and the United States, and that it’s not as though anyone is getting high of the cocaine in each can. No, as most people know, you need to add Vodka for that to happen :-)