Morena Baccarin To Marry 'Gotham' Co-Star Ben McKenzie After Divorce Is Final

Gotham actress Morena Baccarin to marry co-star Ben McKenzie as soon as her divorced is final. At least that is what many believe.

From legal papers filed September 11 obtained by Access Hollywood, Baccarin states her intention to remarry.

"Today, I am in a new committed relationship. I am planning to re-marry. Also, I am three-and-a-half months pregnant."
While she did not say who, many are speculating she is referring to Gotham co-star Ben McKenzie. Since McKenzie is the father of her unborn child, it would make sense that Baccarin plans to marry him.

Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin to marry
Benjamin McKenzie attends the 'Gotham' series premiere at The New York Public Library on September 15, 2014 in New York City.

It will be difficult, though, for Morena to marry him anytime soon. She is currently married to filmmaker and estranged husband, Austin Chick. However, the Brazilian actress made it clear back in March that their marriage was not working and divorce may be the only option.

In June, citing "irreconcilable differences," Chick went ahead and filed for divorce after almost four years of marriage. Also, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chick suspected Baccarin was cheating on him with McKenzie.

In court documents, Chick alleges that the Gotham actress became pregnant with Ben's child while they were still together, supposedly "working on their marriage," and at the time sharing the same bed.

He also claims to have come home to find Ben "fresh out of the shower." Yet, this incident supposedly occurred after Chick and Baccarin separated.

As reported by Fox News, Baccarin and McKenzie's relationship was an unpleasant surprise to Chick when he found out the two were romantically involved beyond their roles on Gotham.

"Totally blindsided. When Morena left him for Ben, Austin was devastated -- completely shocked."
According to one source, Chick may have begun suspecting a relationship between the two after a fan sent Chick a photo of Baccarin and McKenzie together in Vancouver, Canada.
"Austin confronted Morena about the photo. She didn't deny it and said she no longer wanted to work on [their] marriage."
To complicate matters, Chick and Baccarin are locked in a bitter custody battle over their one-year-old son, Julius. Baccarin has asked the court for full custody of their son as she lives in New York and Chick is in Los Angeles. Chick countered stating that their son is currently in a confusing and unhealthy environment.

Just prior to the divorce filing, an informal agreement was reached regarding custody and visitation of Julius. Chick would be able to spend considerable time with their son in New York while Baccarin was shooting Gotham. A recent ruling by a Los Angeles judge gave the couple joint custody, but Julius will live primarily in New York with his mother.

Morena and estranged husband Austin
Actress Morena Baccarin and Austin Chick arrive at the 11th Annual John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit in April 2014.

In the court custody papers, the 36-year-old Brazilian beauty revealed she is pregnant with her second child. Although not specifically denying it, the assumed dad-to-be has remained tight lipped about the pregnancy. Only a tweet from Camille Schenkkan, Ben McKenzie's sister, implied that he is the father.

Despite holding hands at a recent Emmy Awards after-party, neither Baccarin nor McKenzie has publicly announced a relationship. However, McKenzie was seen visiting Baccarin several times while she was filming Deadpool in March and May of this year.

Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie first met on the set of the Fox series Homeland. They also appeared together in one episode of The O.C. in 2006.

Morena then joined the Gotham cast, portraying Dr. Leslie Thompkins alongside Ben in 2014. Quite fittingly, the show has McKenzie's character, GCPD officer James Gordon, pursuing a romantic relationship with Dr. Thompson.

Gotham fans know that Morena and Ben are potential lovers on screen. It would appear by all accounts the couple are definitely romantically involved off screen as well and Baccarin wants to marry her co-star. So, does this mean fans will soon see a real life Gotham wedding?

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