Nita Moseley's Murder Shocks Texas Town: Son Charged With Pregnant Mother's Killing

Nita Moseley was found dead in the kitchen of her Texas home on Saturday, and her death is now making national headlines after her teen son was charged with her murder on Monday. It is being reported that the woman was four months pregnant before her death.

ClickHouston reported on Monday that Nita Moseley was found by a neighbor that decided to stop by and check on her after he saw the door to her home was open. The neighbor definitely felt like something was wrong, but he never expected to find the body of the 33-year-old woman on her kitchen floor.

The man, only referenced as Austin in media reports, spoke with ClickHouston about the shocking discovery.

"Saturday morning, when I drove by and I saw the door open, that's when I figured something was wrong. I thought maybe someone had broken in the house or something, and that's when I found the unfortunate event that happened."
The man called the police to report the crime. According to KHOU, he also spoke about the woman's son. He said, "Apparently he got really good grades. Smart kid, wanted to play football. She did any and everything for her son. They got along great. Her son was a good student."

When police arrived, they learned that Moseley's teen son and car were both missing. As a result of their investigation of the crime scene, the authorities reported that the woman's body had been there for several days before her neighbor found her.

The woman's son and car were found on Sunday night. The police took in the teen for questioning, and they said he was "cooperative" during questioning. He was charged with first-degree murder on Monday afternoon. The police plan to conduct an autopsy on Nita Moseley on Tuesday. No motive for the crime is known at this time.The La Marque Police Department is not looking for any other suspects. They believe Moseley's son acted alone in the crime. The murder of this young mother has shocked the residents of La Marque, Texas, which is 40 minutes outside of Houston.Betty Simon, Moseley's sister, spoke with the media, and she did not see any signs of trouble in the home. She is now grieving her sister.
"My family is grieving, they are hurt. They all feel just lost without her. There's nothing bad to say about her. She was beautiful, and smart, and so easy to love. I just want everybody to know that she (Moseley) was beautiful and that she loved, loved her son more than anything in the world. People need to know that. No matter what they're hearing, she loved him."
She shared more with the reporter from ClickHouston, and her sadness over the death of her sister is made even clear by the statement shared by the reporter on her Twitter on Monday afternoon.The boy's father also talked with the media in a phone interview. He asked to not be identified.
"My son is a good kid who was dealt a bad deck of cards. This is a story that will let people know that families need to stick together. When they don't, this is the kind of thing that takes place."
A similar crime was reported earlier this month in Miami, Florida. A 14-year-old teen was arrested for the stabbing death of his mother. He was found in Miami on August 18, but he resided in Jacksonville with his mother. Her body was found on the kitchen floor, and she had been stabbed multiple times. After her death, the teen stole her car and drove to Miami.

The teen was at first hospitalized when he was found by the police because he attempted suicide by taking pills. After his release from the hospital, he was officially charged with his mother's murder and auto theft.

The media reported that Pamela Daughtry texted her daughter on the afternoon of August 18 because her son was angry. Her daughter did not see the message until later. When she arrived at the family, she found her mother's body on the kitchen floor covered with a blanket.

Mike McClendon, a counselor that worked with the family, spoke with News4Jax about the teen, and he saw some troubling signs of potential concern with the boy.

In the case of Nita Moseley, there did not appear to have been any signs of trouble between her and her son before her body was found on Saturday. Her death is still being investigated.

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