Fraggle Rock Movie Officially In The Works

Jim Henson’s musical puppet series, “Fraggle Rock,” will soon be heading to the big screen. New Regency has hired Jim Byrkit, the co-writer of Rango, and Alex Manugian, a former executive at Cartoon Network, to create the script for the Fraggle Rock Movie.

Rumors about a Fraggle Rock movie have been circulating for years but the movie has never gotten past the planning stages. But the Hollywood Reporter notes that New Regency is finally ready to take a gamble on the Jim Henson creation. Little is known about the script but it should be pretty loyal to the original since it is being produced by The Jim Henson Company and the Montecito Picture Company.

The Huffington Post reports that a Fraggle Rock movie was originally planned in 2005. When it never happened, the Weinstein Company bought the rights to the movie and hired Cory Edwards in 2008 to turn it into a full-length musical. The movie never came to fruition and in 2011 New Regency bought the movie rights. A writing team has finally been hired for the movie but we’ll just have to wait and see if production on Fraggle Rock will halt again or if the Fraggles will finally hit theaters.

Fraggle Rock was created in 1983 and ran for five seasons. Here’s a video of the show’s famous opening sequence.

Do you think the “Fraggle Rock” movie will get made? Will it be a success?