J.J. Watt Gets His ‘Mind Blown’ By Kelly Kapowski

There’s been quite a bit of buzz about Texans defensive end J.J. Watt lately, but most of it has nothing to do with his performance on the football field. When he told Men’s Health that he was looking for a girlfriend in a recent interview, it was actually reported by big sites like Fox Sports as “important news.”

Watt didn’t seem to agree that it was such a breaking story, however, as he reposted a screenshot on his Instagram account with the caption “This is news? I’m 26 & single. Its not exactly the end of the world.”

Whether it qualifies as news or not, J.J. Watt is definitely looking for a girl, and there are a ton of people talking about it. He was recently pretty open about his major crush on Jennifer Aniston, claiming to be “heartbroken” when his “lifetime crush” married Justin Theroux in August. Watt also did say that he was moving on, though, and it seems like maybe he has. The footballer openly flirted with Saved by the Bell star Tiffany Thiessen on social media this weekend, and she flirted right back!

Before the Texans vs. Buccaneers game yesterday, J.J. Watt posed for a picture with one of Thiessen’s former co-stars, Mario Lopez, and gave her a shout-out of sorts when he posted the pic on both Twitter and Instagram and mentioned her character’s name.

Bayside must have had a BYE this week. #SavedByTheBell #ACSlater #WhereIsKellyKapowski

A photo posted by JJ Watt (@justinjames99) on

The hashtag “WhereisKellyKapowski must have reached Thiessen’s eyes, because she responded with a post of her own after the football game was over. “…I heard you were looking for me,” the caption beneath her Instagram photo read. “I’m in LA catching up on my reading…” In the picture she’s holding the October issue of Men’s Health, which features none other than (shirtless) Watt on its cover.

Watt was pretty excited about this picture, to say the least. He answered back with yet another post on Instagram and Twitter, containing a screenshot of Thiessen’s original post and a caption containing the hashtag “MindBlown.”

This. Is. Awesome. #MindBlown

A photo posted by JJ Watt (@justinjames99) on

Watt is currently 26, and although he was pretty young when Saved by the Bell aired, he is a part of the generation that went crazy for the show. It’s very possible that he was one of the tens of thousands of young boys who was hopelessly in love with Kelly Kapowski at that time, which would explain his enthusiastic reaction to Thiessen’s communication.

Tiffani Thiessen also gave a nod to Watt’s game play, telling him that he had a good game. The Texans won the game against the Buccaneers with a final score of 19-9.

Unfortunately for Watt, Tiffani Thiessen has been married since 2005 and has two children, which she also alluded to with her hashtag “houstonismysecondhome,” as that happens to be both the home of the Texans and the hometown of her husband, Brady Smith. So Watt probably shouldn’t expect too much else to happen between him and the Saved by the Bell alum.

But while Watt’s quest for the perfect girl may not be as successful as he’d like it to be right now, his success on the field and in getting the attention of Hollywood stars seems to be more than enough for him. Although Jennifer Aniston is now off the market, he did get to meet her personally; an experience that he gushed about and that was clearly very special to him. And, even if Kelly Kapowski can’t be his real-life cheerleader, it’s obvious that he still appreciated the attention very much.

J.J.’s celebrity crushes may not be available, but there is certainly a slew of other girls who are, and with Watt being so prominent in the media lately, the exposure may help him find his dream girl even sooner than he’s expecting.

[Image courtesy of Thomas B. Shea / Getty images]