Facebook Down: Social Media Giant Goes Down — Internet Freaks Out Over #FacebookDown

Around 3:oo p.m. ET on Monday, Facebook went down and the entire Internet freaked out in huge ways that others couldn’t even begin to imagine. Users are experiencing outages around the world, and taking to Twitter and other forms of social media to let others know that they can’t get on Facebook and do anything.

NBC New York immediately jumped on things to let everyone know it isn’t just them, either, because they’re dealing with Facebook being down, too. Instantly, the Internet took to other methods to freak out, complain, and make fun of the fact that they were talking on social media about social media being out of commission.

As of 3:00 p.m., the outages started coming in spurts, but then the site eventually came back up, but only for a short period of time. When it would become operational, many noticed that their settings had been changed, and also the Ticker and Sidebar were back.

The ticker being back is what people seemed to be complaining about the most, but it’s something that will be able to be fixed once Facebook is back up for good. Around 3:40 p.m. ET, it came up for a minute or two again, but then almost immediately crashed once more.

Earlier in the day, Wired had reported about Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg appearing at the UN last weekend to join a group of speakers from global NGOs. He headed to the United Nations to speak for universal Internet access, and how he was in full support of it.

Zuckerberg spoke to a group of heads of state and UN delegates as he almost pleaded with them to understand that the Internet is a key enabler of human rights.

Zuckerberg wants the entire world to know that Internet access should be a basic right for all human beings, just like access to water and healthcare. He also wants everyone to understand that Facebook has a big role in all of this by primarily driving a deep social conviction that this kind of connectivity is the best way to get rid of poverty.

“Research shows that when you give people access to the Internet, one in ten people is lifted from poverty.”

With this huge important meeting taking place last weekend and Mark Zuckerberg letting the world know that everyone should have access to the Internet and Facebook, his site was still down.

As of 3:50 p.m. ET, Facebook had come back up, but it was incredibly “fraggy” and not working at all like it was supposed to work. Those that could put up a status had enough time to post it, but didn’t have enough time to even see the first response.

TechCrunch was even on it and reporting how it was down almost fully for a grand total of about 20 minutes, came back, and then went down for another 10. Right before 4:00 p.m. ET, it’s kind of working again, but people are still having issues.

That’s a lot of money lost by any stretch of the imagination. Facebook ends up making millions of revenue every single day, but for every single minute that they are down, that is tens of thousands of dollars that are lost for the company.

#FacebookDown took over social media on Monday afternoon, but it wasn’t Facebook as it was down, of course. Twitter and all other forms were overrun by memes, funny jokes, and just about everyone on the Internet in the world freaking out as much as possible.

[Images via Facebook]