Doctor Who Ditches Sonic Screwdriver For Sonic Sunglasses, Fans React With Criticism

The latest episode of Doctor Who has sent Whovians into an uproar. Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of the Doctor has replaced the iconic sonic screwdriver with a stylish pair of sonic sunglasses.

The Witch’s Familiar, the second episode of the ninth season, revealed the Doctor decided to ditch his handy sonic screwdriver for a more convenient pair of sunglasses, according to Forbes. Although there was quite a draw of excitement when Capaldi was announced as the newest Doctor, the sonic sunglasses are causing many Whovians to have second thoughts.

Twitter exploded with criticism after the episode aired. Some were jokingly disappointed in the reveal, such as @SaveDWC on Twitter.

“Forgive me, I don’t like the Sonic Sunglasses. I like the clickity clackity of the screwdriver. Sunglasses are….well… er… sunglasses”

Other fans were not so nice to Peter Capaldi and Doctor Who, such as @Txnthdoctor.

“The only thing doctor who fans hate more than Moffat is the new sonic sunglasses”

Over its 52-year reign, the Doctor and his accessories have undergone many major changes, starting with the Doctor himself and his many outfits. Even the sonic screwdriver has undergone changes. The first Doctor didn’t even have it at his beck and call to help during tough times. The sonic screwdriver’s popularity didn’t become mainstream until around 2005, when the series saw its most recent major reboot.

Warning: Spoiler in the next paragraph.

During the episode, the TARDIS appears to be destroyed during the episode. However, fans soon find out that it simply redistributed itself, according to the Wall Street Journal. As often happens, the sonic screwdriver would be the perfect tool to repair the TARDIS, but it is missing. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who tells Clara that he is “over screwdrivers” and has moved on to “wearable technology.” He then uses the sonic sunglasses to repair the TARDIS.

Although fans are resistant to the change, Capaldi’s Doctor Who seems a perfect fit for sonic sunglasses. They fit his personality and his demeanor. However, for the fans that are absolutely horrified at the idea of a pair of sunglasses replacing the sonic screwdriver, Capaldi had some news for the Whovian supporters.

“The sonic screwdriver hasn’t gone. The sonic sunglasses are an adjunct to the sonic screwdriver and have arrived because the Doctor likes Ray-Bans! You press them and they go zzzzz and they do great things.”

It remains to be seen if the introduction of Sonic sunglasses are integral to the plot of the newest season of Doctor Who, or if they are simply a change that was made to stir up the fan base. Regardless, they have drawn a lot of attention from the viewers.

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Whether or not the sonic sunglasses stay or go may be up to feedback from the fans. What are your thoughts on the sonic sunglasses?

[Photo by Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images Entertainment]