WWE News, Rumors: WWE Superstar Suspended 30 Days For Violating Wellness Policy

For years now, WWE has taken the use of any type of illegal drugs seriously, and the company’s wellness policy is said to be quite strict. Well, one superstar has fallen victim to it as Hornswoggle, real name Dylan Postl, has now been suspended by the company for 30 days for violating their wellness policy.

WWE.com officially revealed Hornswoggle’s suspension on Monday afternoon by posting a short message on the site.

“In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Dylan Postl (Hornswoggle) for 30 days, effective immediately, for his first violation of the company’s policy.”

As you can see, it is only his first violation of the policy, so his suspension is just for 30 days to start things out. A second suspension would be for longer if he ever violated it again, and WWE has a three strikes and you’re out approach to things. They are willing to work around certain things, though, if talent needs to go to rehab and are willing to take part in programs.

The company details its Talent Wellness program in full on WWE, and goes in depth about professional development, doctors, and more.

Hornswoggle has been involved in numerous storylines with WWE ever since signing with the company back in 2006. He has not been on WWE television in some time, though, as he underwent arthroscopic shoulder decompression surgery back in March of this year.

Before that, he had turned heel and back face on a number of occasions over the months, as he aligned himself with different superstars. He was with the 3MB at one point and even transformed into a “Mini-Rose” to accompany Adam Rose to the ring.

In late summer of last year, Hornswoggle joined Los Matadores and El Torito to become their second valet. He ended up putting on a cow suit and taking on the name of La Vaquita, which means “the little cow.”

About a month later, Hornswoggle turned heel yet again as he sided with Slater-Gator, the team of Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil. At the time, Hornswoggle was known as “Mini-Gator” and would accompany the the team to the ring.

After that, he was seen sparingly and then went on to have surgery and hasn’t been seen on WWE television since.

Hornswoggle did star in a film for WWE Studios that was a horror film, called Leprechaun: Origins, which was released in limited theaters in August of 2014, and then landed on DVD and Blu-ray at the end of September.

According to The Numbers, sales weren’t overly great for the film. There is no listing for the domestic box office, and it’s showing that Leprechaun: Origins brought in a mere $1.6 million in DVD and Blu-ray sales as well.

The film was called a “gritty reboot” of the franchise as a whole. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t look as if there is going to be another one at all due to the poor performance in sales.

Hornswoggle has been expected back on WWE television at some point after the summer was over, but no one knew in what capacity. For now, he’s at least not going to be back for another month due to his wellness policy violation.

El Torito, WWE’s only other little person superstar, is currently off of television, as well. Los Matadores are said to be getting a new gimmick and repackaged, so it isn’t quite known if El Torito will even still be paired with them.

For now, Hornswoggle is going to remain off of television, and he certainly won’t be doing any promotional work for WWE in the next 30 days, either. His suspension for violating the company’s wellness policy will carry almost into November.

[Images via WWE]