Superhero Comic Books Fly To Adult Coloring Books Trend: Marvel & Others Offer Coloring Books For Adults [Photos]

Adult coloring books have become a hot new trend, and now comic books are letting grown-ups channel their inner superheroes. Among them are Marvel Comics and DC Comics, reported Tech Times.

What makes coloring books for adults so trendy? It's both fun and a way to release stress, points out The Experiment publishing group's Matthew Lore.

"Adult coloring is absolutely a growing trend and consumers are really taking to the idea," declared Lore. "Not only is it calming and good for your health, it's just fun!"

And DC Comics hopes that grown-ups will agree with the concept when they provide black-and-white artwork on covers that are intended to be customized with color. Want Batman blue or Superman in Seneca tones? Now's your chance.

One psychologist even encourages tense folks to use it to find their creative side while relaxing.

"I recommend it as a relaxation technique," revealed psychologist Antoni Martínez. "We can use it to enter into a more creative, freer state... Let the color and the lines flow."

Marvel Comics promises to help you channel your inner superhero with coloring books for adults.
Marvel Comics promises to help you channel your inner superhero with coloring books for adults.

And if they can flow, why not let them fly in colorful superhero form? That's where Marvel's coloring books will make it child's play.

But you don't have long to wait for Marvel's coloring books for grown-ups, reported Comic Book Resources.

Adult coloring books expand to include
Adult coloring books expand to include "Age Of Ultron" from the comic book genre.

The adult coloring books will feature line art, and the first comes in October.

"Around the world there are several other coloring books for adults hitting the bestseller lists and with Marvel being the premier graphic storytelling medium, now is the perfect time for us to join this latest book market trend," explained David Gabriel, SVP Sales and Marketing. "With Marvel's Adult Coloring books, fans can add their own personal style to classic Marvel stories."

Gabriel pointed out that the coloring books allow fans to join in the creative vibe and use their artistic side. Age of Ultron flies out in October, including line art from Bryan Hitch, Brandon Peterson, and Carlos Pacheco. Get your color palette ready for for Little Marvel in February and Civil War in April.

Seeking something different in an adult coloring book? Marvel Comics fills the gap.
Seeking something different in an adult coloring book? Marvel Comics fills the gap.

The Civil War Coloring Book will showcase a major Marvel event in which Iron Man and Captain America are divided, together with the whole superhuman world, revealed Marvel.

And for those eager to be on the cutting crayon edge of the adult coloring book trend, it's taken just months to become increasingly popular, reported the Courant.

Andrew Brennan, R.J. Julia Booksellers' head buyer, revealed that the popularity tends to soar in summer and winter.

"We've gone from zero to 60 in a matter of months with adult coloring books," he added. "The Secret Garden coloring book started this craze. For the adult coloring books, you need fine-point markers, there is lots of detail."

One of the biggest companies selling coloring books is Dover Publications, and the company revealed that in under three years, they've sold over three million coloring books. Adults and teens flock to two of Dover's most popular lines.

Ken Katzman, vice president at Dover Publications, revealed that they seek variety in the themes for coloring books for adults. Whether it's birds or mosaics, tattoos or flowers, there's something for everyone. And he urges those who want to hop on the adult coloring book bandwagon to be creative in choosing implements, whether it's markers or crayons.

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[Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images; Images Courtesy of Marvel]