Kim Richards’ Sister, Kathy Hilton, Denies Family Feud With Kyle

Kim Richards’ sisters, Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton, celebrated her recent 51st birthday separately, so what gives? After the two sisters chose to spend time with Kim Richards on different evenings last weekend, rumors swirled, claiming the two women were at odds. However, according to an AllAboutTRH report on September 28, Hilton recently spoke out, insisting there’s no family feud between them.

“There is no sibling war between Kyle and I over [Kim Richards] – We are all a family and love each other very much, no one is fighting over anyone. The reason I wasn’t at [Kim Richards]’s birthday celebration on the 19th if you must know is because one of my friends, since I was six years old, died of brain cancer the night before. I spent the 19th mourning and was not in a celebratory mood. If you’re interested and would like to read more, there is a beautiful tribute to her in the LA times today. You can also donate to the cancer foundation and support others suffering the same.”

Kim Richards has had a tough year. In April, she was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel after suffering an alcohol relapse following several years of sobriety. For the first two seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards appeared to be in a downward spiral, but after going to rehab years later, she seemed to be in a better place. Sadly, however, she relapsed earlier this year, and has been struggling to get her footing ever since. After her April arrest, during which she was charged with public intoxication, resisting an officer, battery on an officer, and trespassing, Kim Richards reportedly went to rehab a number of times before being arrested a second time at a Target store in Van Nuys, California, where she was accused of shoplifting over $600 worth of merchandise.

Throughout Kim Richards’ struggles, there have been a bevy of rumors regarding possible family feuds between both herself and Kyle, and Hilton and Kyle. As Reality Tea reported months ago, Brandi Glanville, a close friend of Kim Richards, recently alleged the two sisters were at odds due to a feud between their husbands, Rick Hilton and Mauricio Umansky. According to Glanville, Umansky went behind Rick’s back and stole his real estate clients.

In a rant to fans, Glanville claimed, “Let me tell u what I wouldn’t do 4 a TV show @kylerichards17 exploit 1 sister’s sobriety & f**k over the other @KathyHilton husband’s business!… #truthcannon your husband use to work for kathy’s husband until he secretly stole agents & clients to start the Agency #STFU… Talk about me, call me a liar, which I am not- you will get it back. To talk s**t about me 4 not being back after all I have done & put up with from her is gross. It’s senior bullying.. I have been trying to stay above the fray but looking on line pissed me off. I’m done for the night & I promise to never google myself again!” Although Glanville claims to be a friend of Kim Richards, she often speaks out against Kyle, but luckily, Kyle, the younger sister of Kim Richards, doesn’t seem to be concerned with her antics. In response to her co-star’s rant, Kyle issued the following statement, via All Things Real Housewives:

“I don’t pay attention to her. While everyone’s celebrating love on this groundbreaking day all she wants to do is spread hate.”

Kim Richards, meanwhile, has been staying out of the drama surrounding her family, choosing to instead focus on her ongoing legal issues, which include a pending charge of theft against her.

Kim Richards is no longer a part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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