'The Bachelor' 2016 Spoilers: Which Familiar Faces Are Showing Up For Ben Higgins' Season?

Ben Higgins is ABC's The Bachelor 2016 star, and filming has just gotten started. Though ABC won't be revealing the new cast for a bit yet, Reality Steve's spoilers are already dishing out some goodies. It seems there will be at least a couple of familiar faces on Season 21, but they may not be the ones fans initially would have guessed. What's the scoop?

Both fans and women from "Bachelor Nation" went gaga over Ben Higgins throughout Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette. At least a couple of them made it pretty clear via social media that they were interested in getting to know Ben in person, but which ones actually went so far as to join the cast?

According to Reality Steve's spoilers, so far, there are two former Bachelor women who have decided to make a play for Higgins' roses. Few who follow the stars on social media will necessarily be surprised to hear that Becca Tilley is one of them.

Becca first garnered attention in the franchise when she was on Chris Soules' season last winter. In fact, Becca was the runner-up in that season, and many thought that Chris had really wanted to pick her over Whitney Bischoff. Tilley has remained single since the show, and made it clear via social media that she was definitely crushing on Ben. While it's too early to have much in the way of Bachelor spoilers in terms of Ben's reaction to Becca, or how long she'll stay around, it seems viewers will be seeing her in this upcoming season.

The other bachelorette confirmed to be appearing on Season 21, according to Reality Steve's spoilers, will likely come as a surprise. Amber James had also been on Soules' season and she looked for love in Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, as well. After leaving alone, it seems she's now turned her attention to Higgins. Steve's Bachelor spoilers indicate that Amber has officially joined the new cast to try to score Ben's final rose.

Many "Bachelor Nation" fans know that Tenley Molzahn and Ben spent some time together during the off-season, and supposedly, the two did have an interest in one another. However, Reality Steve's spoilers say that at this point, Tenley is not involved in the Bachelor 2016 season. In addition, there had been some speculation swirling that Britt Nilsson, also from Chris' season, might be on the show. However, Steve's Bachelor spoilers insist that Britt has nothing to do with this new season.

Steve's Bachelor spoilers say he's confirmed that Becca and Amber are on Season 21, while Tenley and Britt are not. In addition, he has teased that there may be one more familiar face yet to be uncovered. Steve says he's heard there might be another returning girl, but he isn't sure who yet, and he's not certain it'll be happening for certain.

Will both Becca and Amber show up for the first night of filming, or will they show up once filming has started? This has become a common twist with the show, having former contestants return, though it doesn't usually work in their favor. Nick Viall in Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette season, and Mary Delgado back in Season 6 of The Bachelor, were exceptions rather than the norm.

Viewers will have to wait until January, 2016, to see just how things play out with these returning women and see if Reality Steve's spoilers are accurate in this regard. Just who will capture Ben Higgins' attention and final rose? Will there be a happily-ever-after fairy tale romance on ABC's The Bachelor 2016? Fans are anxious to get started when the new season premieres this winter.

[Photo via The Bachelor / Twitter]