‘The Royals’ Season 2: Everything You Need To Know Before The Season Premiere [Watch New Trailer]

Things are about to get doubly crazy in Season 2 of The Royals. In a promo video released by E! Online, the royal family is seen unraveling following the death of King Simon and Cyrus’ accent to the throne. What else can fans expect to see unfold in the new season?

Luckily, Mark Schwahn recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and discussed how each character will be getting along in Season 2.

As far as Cyrus is concerned, Schwahn revealed that we’ll learn a lot about Cyrus’ past, and his child with Prudence. “We’ll find out what that is, and who that is, and whether or not Cyrus will be held accountable — whether, in fact, that is his child,” he stated. “We’ll hear from Prudence. We haven’t seen the last of Prudence.”

As fans may recall, Prudence seemed to have a plan in place regarding her child with Cyrus, or at least that’s what the show wanted you to believe. Cyrus needs to be held accountable for his actions, and it might just be the former palace maid who makes it happen.

It remains to be seen if Cyrus will remain in power on season 2 of 'The Royals' [Image Courtesy: E!]

Meanwhile, Queen Helena, who double-crossed and lied to both of her children in order to help Cyrus get the throne, still plans to be the ruling Queen of England one day. Hopefully, her reasons for helping Cyrus will be revealed early in Season 2.

“Queen Helena is always the straw that stirs the drink,” Schwahn explained. “With this order to change the order of succession, she’s one step away from the throne if something were to befall Cyrus. They’ve been thick as thieves but they’re still thieves those two.”

In regards to how Prince Liam is handling everything, Schwahn revealed that he is pretty much bent on avenging his father’s death, no matter the cost.

“He’s pretty driven to avenge his father’s death,” he explained. “In the time that we’ve been away he’s been investigating and chasing clues and looking into the story behind the story… When we drop into the season, they’ve sort of been banished from the palace, but whether or not that has worked in favor of Cyrus and Helena is yet to be seen because they’re pretty popular.”

As fans may recall, both Liam and Princess Eleanor were booted from the palace at the end of last season of The Royals by King Cyrus. But with everything their mother put them through, both of them were probably going to leave the palace anyway. Despite this, Schwahn hinted that both Liam and Eleanor might be set for a return to the palace.

Speaking of Eleanor, she is one character on the show that had a particularly wild ride last season, with all her partying antics. However, the new season may see her break off a little from her guy centric ways.

“As we know from Eleanor’s past, we have seen her make all kinds of choices whether it was dating guys or girls — but I’m not saying it is,” Schwahn stated concerning Eleanor’s break from relationships.

Schwahn remained mum on the love lives of Liam and Eleanor. Just as Liam declared his intentions to be loyal to Ophelia, he pushed her to follow her dreams and attend a performing arts school in New York.

Will William and Ophelia be back together in season 2 of 'The Royals'? [Image Courtesy: E!]

One thing we know for sure is that Merritt Patterson will return to the show in Season 2, just maybe not the palace. In July, she confirmed her return by writing on Instagram that she was “happy as a clam to be back on set as #Ophelia #TheRoyals.”

As for Eleanor’s love life, fans will have to wait and see if her romance with Jasper continues, although the latest trailer confirms that he will remain in her security detail.

The new season of The Royals set to air November 15 on E!. Check out the brand new trailer below.

[Image Courtesy: E!]