July 21, 2019
'RHOBH' Star Lisa Rinna Flaunts Curves In Black Swimsuit

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna isn't afraid to flaunt her physique in skimpy swimwear — or flaunt her personality. The reality television star has posted several shots of herself in bikinis on her Instagram page and is also notorious for sharing silly videos that showcase her personality.

Recently, Rinna shared a snap that put her body on full display. In the shot, Rinna rocked a black one-piece swimsuit that revealed some major cleavage. The suit was low cut and allowed her curves to nearly spill out the top, and it hugged her toned physique perfectly. Rinna appeared to have taken the picture herself, as she has one arm extended outside of the frame of the shot, and the snap is from a fairly close angle.

While Rinna was confident enough to showcase her body, she opted to keep her face hidden. Rinna wore no jewelry in the photo, and the only accessory she donned was a straw hat with "do not disturb" cheekily embroidered on the brim. The brim of the hat hid her face, giving the shot a unique vibe.

Rinna didn't explain where she was in the caption or give her Instagram followers any location clues. However, she appeared to be posed in a lush green paradise. She stood on some type of wooden dock or patio overlooking a body of water and plenty of trees.

Just the day before sharing the spicy swimsuit selfie with her followers, Rinna shared a video that showcased an entirely different look. She performed Katy Perry's hit song "Hot N Cold" while rocking a neon blue wig, and full-on candy-inspired dress that paid homage to Perry's former signature look.A few days before that, Rinna dressed up as an entirely different pop star, the queen of pop Britney Spears. Rinna rocked a schoolgirl outfit that paid tribute to Spears' iconic "Baby One More Time" video and rocked all the moves on camera.

In both videos, her fellow housewives absolutely couldn't get enough of her over-the-top performances. For the performance where Rinna was dressed as Spears, housewife Kim Zolciak-Biermann added a simple "omg" with a series of praise hand emoji in the comments section of the post.

While Rinna often posts pictures that highlight her beauty, she's also completely fearless when it comes to sharing silly videos with her 2 million Instagram followers. She uses the social platform as a way to share her personality, and fans will want to make sure to subscribe so they never miss a single minute of her hijinx.